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wired for sound 2

Apologies - I sent out the incomplete post! Here is the final version.... "AM FM I feel so ecstatic now, It's music I've found, And I'm wired for sound"  Cliff Richard "I don't sing because I'm happy; I'm happy because I sing."  William James Sometimes when I am...

yogic diets

About 9 months ago I did an optional 30 day "fruit, nut, veg" diet as part of my yoga training. And the diet was just fruit, vegetables and nuts and seeds. Yogi Tea for drinks or water. And no salt. Some people on my course asked if himalayan salt counted as it was...

Whole Hearted Living

The case for being kind to yourself, being authentic, being vulnerable, beautifully expressed by Brene Brown. Take 20 mins out to feel inspired...

are you good enough to do yoga?

A friend and I were coming up with a list the other day – of how many ways people think they are not “enough” to do yoga, or in some other way disqualify themselves. Not flexible enough Not experienced enough Not healthy enough Not fit enough Not slim enough Not young...

kriyas – what are they?

the word kriya means action - not just any old action, but one that leads to something specific. just as a car transmission has a number of gears that have to be in place and used in a certain sequence, a kriya in yoga is a sequence of postures, breath, and sound...

meditation as medicine

I love to read inspirational books and my bookcase groans under the weight of them all sometimes. One of the first books I read on my yoga training course was "Meditation as Medicine" by Dharma Singh Khalsa (DSK), M.D. & Cameron Stauth. I was blown away by the results...

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