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 …”thank goodness I can dig deep and go and recover in woods hugging the old wonderful oak tree, grounding myself like you showed us last time. I always picture me hugging that wonderful tree in Glastonbury looking up in awe!

I always recall a lot of the super special moments in the retreat Nat. So powerful it’s still aiding me a year on … I truly credit it to doing the bravest stand up of my life against my company, in my final stand before I go. It feels empowering and courageous, but mostly it’s for all who come after me.

You and your abilities, and special words were a major part for sure”.

D X, Glastonbury Retreat 2022

“Thanks Natalie, the session was great, and timely as I was feeling really depleted and overwhelmed. “

Sue, Winter Solstice Meditation & Honouring 2022 (online)

When Natalie’s light language comes through in her sessions, I feel tingles all around my head and it centred me.

It guides me in to an internal stillness. I felt so relaxed afterwards and I saw waves of light in my minds eye during the session.

I received flashing images of memories from this life. I felt realigned and balanced.

As I think about it now, I can still feel it. Like a rebalancing within my body. A calmness and relaxing feeling physically, mentally and emotionally.

I would highly recommend Natalie’s sessions and I will be back for more when I need internal support.


Natalie, I just wanted to say a very special and personal thank you for a weekend which has touched me profoundly in many ways, and which has helped me to find greater courage and sense of purpose. You made it all happen and facilitated everything with such a good-humoured and light touch so that I felt really comfortable and happy. Thank you, thank you. All love.


Glastonbury Retreat 2019

I would highly recommend Natalie.

My experience was profound and very deep. 

She holds the space with such beautiful energy and strong feminine quality. 

She facilitated a beautiful water ritual in the White Springs, and I had a magical womb blessing with sound and light language, so very powerful, it felt like every cell in my body was being activated.


Sound Healer, the gong whisperer

Private sessions July 2022, Glastonbury

The amazing weekend that we spent together was a truly a joy, and for me a life changing experience. I can’t thank you enough for the friendship and kindness and care that you have always shown us all. I couldn’t of opened up without the warmth of the safe space that you create. Such brilliant memories, from the chanting of the kirtan and the singing on the Tor to the ceremony in the white spring… it was just awesome. 


Glastonbury Retreat June 2022

Natalie is not just hugely knowledgeable but she is also so warm and supportive. She creates a wonderful space in which to share thoughts and feelings. 

The sessions exploring a variety of emotions proved to be very insightful and I came away redetermined to be less judgemental about myself and indeed others.

I try to hold on to the realisation that I should be kinder to myself, more forgiving and of course to speak my truth respectfully but clearly.

 Thank you for a wonderful opportunity and experience.

Jane N

November 2021 (6-week online journey through the emotions)

My experience after the bespoke retreat in June was one of deep surprise in what was to happen next …

As the month passed after the retreat I felt a sense of inner power, courage and fearlessness like no other time in my entire life .

I also felt like letting go of what was no longer serving me after a powerful card drawn in one of our meditation sessions.It was the most powerful card in the Deck  and I felt deeply privileged to have drawn it (related to letting go of what is no longer serving you, giving energy to something you need to let go of that is not healthy).

I shocked myself and for once made a bold decision for early retirement as my job in forensics was very stressful, I knew this is what I needed to do.

Clarity came after the retreat. The clearing we had done had released the blocks in me. But there was a sense of total courage, a deeper knowing never felt before, I have been speaking out and protecting the other women at work. I felt this was my core purpose before finally leaving it behind.

I am sure the strength and feminine power revived in all the deep rituals Natalie so professionally put together had some influence in how was able to stand up in my power.

It is wonderful, and I am stronger each day building on the last …Thank you, Natalie … highly recommend the experience.

It’s the best decision I have made.


Glastonbury Retreat June 2022

The evening was nurturing and supportive and I liked the womb blessing, for me the symbolism to ‘let go’ of old wounds and leave space for new exciting possibilities. I heard this recently: Die to yesterday’s illusions and be reborn to the truth of your vision.

The instruments and singing – wonderful! Thank you xxx

(Full Moon Cacao Ceremony, Sound Journey with the 13th Rite Womb Blessing, Nov 2021)


Thanks for a fabulous dance and meditation evening .. Very lovely space you held . I really got a lot out of it and felt better.

Thank u

Denise (yes & more please, 11/12/21)


Hello Natalie

I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the Cacao ceremony on Friday. I felt it was gentle but powerful and I found it incredibly healing. Thank you. 

Lots of love

xx Laura


Thanks dearest Natalie,that was wonderful!! Thank you so much for the great session and notes!!!

Many many  thanks❣️

Sat Nam..

Karina (Private Session)

A whole week has passed since our unforgettable spiritual retreat. Thank you for this extraordinary healing and nurturing experience. -The beautiful Wells, the cathedral, the Tor and drumming,  the walks and meditations, the sun, fire and stars, etc. 

I feel something has shifted this week after a very anxious and challenging year. You are such an incredible teacher and guide, and after more than 10 years of your wonderful classes and retreats I am so deeply grateful for all you have enabled and taught me.I’m not sure how you do this, but I feel I get exactly what I need, even when I don’t exactly know what it is that I need!



Glastonbury Retreat Sept 2022

 A big thank you for your lovely classes so far, which helped keep me calm and sane during the cold, dark winter months!  You really have mastered the art of delivering sessions which are very clear,  energising and balancing and which make us feel connected to the larger group. Without Zoom technology this challenging year would have been even more challenging!” Catherine, May 2021

Tuesday night class

The feedback from the “Relax & Release Fear” set was that it was  “absolutely amazing”, “a real joy”, “really emotional”, “thank you so much”, “felt blessed to part of the group”, “amazing to get back into my body which I needed so much after being in my head a lot”.

And from class for the Kidneys & Adrenals-

  • “Thank you for a wonderful session this morning. My adrenal glands want to thank you too! To have you streaming into my house felt like an important lifeline in these crazy times- I am very grateful for your tenacity and calm.”
  • Relieved and happy I’ve learnt a new trick (being on zoom)
  • Fantastic!
  • I found but it hard but good, I really enjoyed it
  • Thank you Natalie, I felt really emotional at the beginning, really enjoyed it, great to see your faces, we need a lot of emotional feeding so this was great.
April 2020

“Thanks I got so much out of the gong bath, I was amazed how much it resonated working virtually.”  Ruth
Facebook Live April 2021 (sound bath & meditation)

The event (Rebirthing with Kundalini Yoga & Cacao Ceremony with Sound Medicine Journey)…

“…was a nurturing explorative space to dive into new realms of thinking, feeling and perceiving…I feel cleansed, honored, energised” Ellie

” ..extremely powerful. “Rebirthing” was the name and it certainly worked. Thank you! I feel like I have the courage to continue journeying spiritually” Felcity

” ..beautifully guided and very healing. I greatly appreciated Natalie’s thoughtful touches which made the experience safe and allowed deep shifts to happen.Food was delicious.” Joanne

” …soothing and challenging. It felt nice to be in a supportive environment where I could open up a little which is usually very difficult. I was unprepared for how amazing the gong was going to sound. WOW! Thanks for your time, guidance, lovely food and music… I feel relaxed and energized”. Jo

“..nourishing, well-timed, great way to start the new year, new decade – food was fantastic. I feel calm, peaceful, safe, loved.”

“..magical transformation in a warm safe space with a beautiful, grounding feast. I feel light, warm, soft, of the earth.” Katharine

“..I feel very grateful, purified and with renewed energy” XX

Rebirth Day Retreat Jan 2020

I have very fond memories of the gong bath you led at the Quaker place In Forest Hill. Honestly it was one of the most cherished gift giving  journey’s I’ve experienced. 

Thanks to you facilitating and holding the space I was able to connect with my ancestors and the receive the gift of them telling me through dancing and carving what I can only describe as a representation of my  heavily pregnant bump! 

They were African tribes women I’m guessing from the kato tribe of Ghana where my ancestors were from and the women were the worriors !  In beautiful dress with a leader who leaped fwds in front of me in the vision and began to carve with her bare hands this mound of rich red earth . As she danced around carving and forming the clay I saw with clarity that eventually it was my pregnant tummy and she stood behind it smiling offering it up to me. 

From that moment I knew that conceiving was not far off. 

After 6 painful years of issues surrounding my fertility a few months after that gong bath I became pregnant with twins!  

I left that session so sure and knowing that this was going to happen. 

So thank you wonderful woman of the world for sharing your time and your  magic and helping others  gain the  knowledge, clarity, space, trust ,  connections to self or others what ever it might be at the time they need it most . 

You are an inspiration to me to be on that spiritual path.

Jan 2023

I had the chance to be part of The Radiant Woman retreat facilitated by Natalie in Ibiza. This was one of the most transformative blissful experience I’ve had. The setting was very well chosen : a beautiful house in the countryside of the island. Each day was punctuated by three kundalini classes and meditation and the cherry on the cake was the cacao ceremony.

Natalie is loving and authentic human being, a real master and teacher. She has the ability to create a safe space without imposing her beliefs and just listening. Thank you Natalie!!

Caroline Ibiza 2017

Natalie’s classes are brilliant! I’ve tried many yoga classes over the years and Natalie is the most incredible teacher I have met and Kundalini yoga is the most interesting and powerful style of yoga I have experienced. Natalie’s classes are full of joy, they are calming, balancing and inspirational. I have been going to Natalie’s classes for several years and I am always amazed at how much thought and care must have gone into putting the class together and at how varied each class is, there is something new every week. Natalie creates such a welcoming, supportive space. I often arrive at class quite tired, with aches and pains and by the end of the class I feel rejuvenated, calm and stronger both physically and mentally. Absolutely the best yoga class I’ve ever been to!
Alice, 2017

Natalie is a true inspiration and a real guru. I have been practising yoga for almost 20 years and she is the best teacher I have ever had. I always leave her classes feeling calm, content and energised. I used to practise hatha yoga but thanks to Natalie I am now a kundalini convert!

I wanted to drop you a line to tell you how precious this weekend was for me.  As I mentioned at the end, I have been on an awful lot of retreats and courses over the past 20 years, but in the last 10 years I have become far more discerning.  I don’t remember the last retreat I went on, in large part because I have become disillusioned with the amount of teachers who either put themselves on a pedestal or try to convince me that their particular system is the only way forward.

But being with you was an utter joy from start to finish.  I have no doubt as to the depth of your knowledge and wisdom, but really appreciated that you happily had your texts present or would confess to not being sure of something.  I loved your authenticity, your compassion, humour and above all your openness to channel whatever needed to come through.  I could go on, but suffice it to say that you allowed people to receive exactly what was needed – and that is a rare and beautiful quality.

Thank you so much.  I feel more centred and grounded and that I have more clarity – not that I know where I am going/ what I will be doing in the future – but clarity in the moment – something I didn’t even know I was missing.

You are a wonderful teacher.    Hopefully, I will be lucky enough to work with you again.

Much love

Saleema, Summer Solstice Retreat 2019

I wanted to work with Natalie on another level of ‘stuckness’, of onion layer and support my looking at things that scare me. Natalie gave me a safe space to hear myself, to look at where I have been stuck, or only relating to victim mentality. I now have more tools now for taking action to choose myself, follow my bliss, and more courage that it’s OK to do so.
What is unique about Natalie is that she offers a whole set of skills that are very empowering and they work on all levels of the body mind.

The coaching sessions have supported me with the next phase of my BodyTalk work and prompted me to take action. I highly recommend Natalie’s services and do so regularly.

Joanne (Choose YourSelf Change the World Program)

Thank you SO much, Natalie. I felt this was such an important part of my ongoing journey and happened just at the right time! Your sessions are always extremely professional without in any way being formal or constricting. Thank you, thank you, thank you (Frances)

Thanks for a lovely Spring and Moon celebration yesterday – I really enjoyed the music and dancing and it’s really put some hope and positivity into my stride!  (Lucy)

Thank you for the session on Sunday it was very freeing to be able to dance like that and I thought the music and the DJ set was brill (Lou)

Full moon Loving rebirth (rebirthing kriya and guided movement), March 2021 (online)

As a first-timer to a meditation circle, I was inspired by the safety and warmth that was co-created within the group. I felt able to relax into the meditations and was surprised and delighted by what I discovered. I experienced my old and unkind feelings shift into acceptance and unconditional love and felt energised and renewed from taking the time to go so deeply within. I loved the drumming too!


Women’s Awakening Circles, June 2020 (online)

Natalie is a true guru. I felt this instinctively when I first did yoga with her, she radiates an amazing energy. I later learned that guru means someone who guides you from dark into light and realised that this was exactly what had happened to me through Natalie’s classes. Natalie has helped me heal my life and those of the people around me; Kundalini yoga has taken me from a very dark place to one which is full of light, love, colour and joy. Thanks Natalie!

Thank you for my amazing Gong Bath! When I come to see you it’s as if I’m a glass and no matter how drained or empty I’ve become I leave you feeling completely relaxed and full of wonder, energy, positivity and enthusiasm. You’re a wonderful lady and I’ll be back soon for my next Gong Bath. Thank you.

The meditation course was great, moved on at a good pace each week and I liked the way in which you gently but firmly challenged us to commit to practice each week and to extend the length of meditation. I enjoy your teaching style which brings a light touch and sense of humour to the class alongside focus and concentration.
Meditating in a group in the class was really powerful and I would like to do more of that.  I’m not sure but I think meditating every day might be cheering and calming my outlook on things.
I came to the course curious and interested to see if I could find a way to switch my mind off from constantly planning my next few hours days or weeks. I have managed to do that, and have really enjoyed the process. It encouraged me to join your Saturday morning yoga class which I thoroughly enjoy and which sails me into my weekend full of bright energy.

It was a wonderful weekend. You led us through our time together with grace and sensitivity and good humour; it must have been so much work for you but you didn’t let that show for a minute. And what a lovely group of women. I feel much healthier in mind and body as a result of the whole experience, including the beautiful and peaceful place. Thank you,

With love

Jane (Feb 2017 Retreat)

I thought the whole weekend was amazing, both in terms of content and vibe.The venue was fab and the food delicious and of course the weather wonderful so great choice and well coordinated because I know that takes effort and attention to detail from you… It worked perfectly.

Your teaching skills are wonderful… You’re warm, articulate and you have a wicked a sense of humour which I loved and I’ve found is sometimes missing in some yoga teachers  who seem to believe to be a yogi and enlightened means you take life very seriously indeed … I think quite the opposite and I’m drawn to teachers who are warm and human and who manage to live in the real world with joy ….

You were incredibly generous this weekend with so much content – I’ve learned loads and feel absolutely amazing and so ready to take on my 50th year with passion and joy and va va vooom

Thank you once again for being you – I feel inspired by your example and will move forward from today with a new passion for life that has been somewhat dulled the past few years for one reason or another.

Christina, May 2016 Retreat

Just to say that my Mum LOVED yoga at East Dulwich on Wednesday morning. She hasn’t stopped talking about it since.Thank you for another wonderful, restorative class.

I found my one to one session with Natalie extremely helpful and uplifting. I love her classes, so to have such a tailored  Kriya was amazing. I have been meaning to book a session for ages and I’m so glad I did. Thank you Natalie!

Natalie’s classes have completely changed my life for the better. I feel calmer, more able to concentrate on the important things in life, and much happier as a result. The Radiant Woman workshop I attended at the beginning of January left me absolutely fizzing with new resolve and clarity of mind which continues to transform what had become a very trying work situation that I felt I could not resolve. Thank you!

Dear Natalie,

Wow!  What a wonderful weekend!  Thank you so much for all your hard work. – I loved every minute of it and went back home feeling rejuvenated and happy.
 It really was a fantastic weekend, great teaching by you  – with great yoga kriyas, meditations – loved all the chanting and all those amazing beautiful women who were all so supportive and fun.Thank you, thank you and I am full of inspiration and positivity after a glorious weekend.
Sat Nam Janey X
May 2016 Radiant Woman Bliss Retreat
Sat Nam Janey X

Loved your event (Mantra Dance, Gong Bath & Singing Mantras with Siri Sadhana) on Saturday evening! – for the record the fitbit I got for xmas showed my lowest resting heart rate so far after the event.

Being involved in Natalie’s cacao ceremonies have been some of the most enjoyable moments in my self discovery journey. The warm and welcoming environment that Natalie provides is such a safe place for me to “be”. And it’s always the right place at the right time. The learnings I take away are always relevant and support my inner growth so profoundly. As a regular attendee I think there is also an accumulative effect, I get more and more out of these ceremonies every time.
Cacao is such a loving nurturing experience for me and it truly does open my heart, which makes Natalie’s ability to hold a safe space even more important – it’s a real gift. It’s a huge part of my self care programme and I go whenever I can.

Since your Abundance workshop, so far I’ve had a birth doula enquiry where none were coming (even though I’d decided to take a step back from it for almost a year). And today a random call to ask me to run a pregnancy yoga workshop at a local event, by someone who saw a very old flyer in Brixton Therapy Centre. I’ve heard people say these types of things happen afterwards!
Sarah Cannon, Birth Doula

Thank you for such a wonderful cacao ceremony (women’s circle, cacao ceremony, sound healing). I felt so energised for days afterwards and I still feel different. It’s like a switch has flipped. The image of my wild goddess dancing from your guided meditation is still so strong in my head. I’m going to hold on to her…I was definitely in need of the nurturing and release and I just loved your energy and how accessible you made it all.  I will most definitely be back (I wish I could come on your retreat but I’m not ready to leave my little one yet). Thank you again for such a powerful and nourishing ceremony. I can’t wait for the next one.
Emma, mum, yoga & dance teacher

I decided to join the Ibiza retreat when I realised I needed a break, I was feeling very fragile and insecure, and my mind was not clear about what to do. The meditation and the yoga were an incredible experience, dynamic and relaxing, I could feel the energy finally flowing again within my body, I was suddenly aware of sensations and signals that my body sent me. I was also aware when my mind was trying to go back to the old habits.

Natalie has been an amazing teacher, always giving plenty of options when yoga poses were uncomfortable for some reason. The retreat was sometimes challenging but definitely worth it. At day 6 of the retreat, I felt confident about my future, everything was clear to me. I am so glad I did it as it has changed my life in so many ways.


I really enjoyed doing the program- it brought light and positivity into my mornings. I had been drawn to it to feel more self-assured and confident in my job and in my life, to know what I want to do and to build up a home practice. The Kriya and meditation were well matched to fit into my routine and you encouraged me to keep it up and establish it into a routine.
I think it did help my thought patterns, not falling into negative thought cycles and to, therefore, be more focused and in touch. Making me feel more confident, present and alert. I still do my morning kriya and has become a nice morning routine that I look forward to.
Isobel (40 day Launch Program)

I was introduced to Kundalini Yoga at uni and had just been keeping up an interest with books and through online videos. I loved Natalie’s YouTube channel, so I took a chance, contacted her and worked with her one-on-one – I’m really glad I did.

The things I thought I needed to address were totally different to what she picked up on. I’d even self-diagnosed my dosha wrong! Working with Natalie helped me to progress on my unique path, and towards feeling energised and centred. Though the work was a lot more challenging and eye-opening than I’d originally thought, it was invaluable to work with someone so experienced at a crucial time in my life. It was incredibly rewarding!

Angela (Choose YourSelf Change the World Program)

Natalie – thank you so much for creating the space for a nurturing, loving and inspiring day (and feeding us delicious food) Something has definitely shifted for me after doing the Rebirthing Kryia. A pattern that I have been aware of for a while seems to have dissolved for the good. Wahe Guru! I felt so happy and physically vibrant on Monday and am trying to carry this with me as the week progresses. I look forward to doing more stuff with you.

Jan 2018, New Year Urban Day Retreat


An exceptional teacher of an exceptional yoga.

Your classes are my favourite and every week you seem to tune in to the areas that most need help. My life is so much better since I took up yoga and I am very grateful for all you do.

 Other yoga classes are ok but with yours I feel like I learn more about my body from the inside out. It’s a whole new concept for me and I’m like a sponge every week, sucking up all this new information.
I also like the spiritual side of your classes. I was only saying to one of the other ladies this morning that if I were Prime Minister, I would make your classes compulsory. I think the world would be a kinder, calmer place. X

…a fabulous (Glastonbury Goddess) retreat. So many beautiful memories and experiences Natalie thank you.

I was  struggling with challenging crisis in many areas of my life and as I started working with Natalie, a beautiful package of gems started to unfold as we worked in each session. It felt as if I was going in an exploration of my own truths and her skills as a coach/mentor allowed me to ground my self in a place of joy, see things from a different perspective and to trust deeply in my own connection to a higher wisdom.
Natalie helped me with my confidence, mindfulness of self and to realise the power of sound in my own healing.   As a result I am now enjoying having a set of tools to apply when I feel lost or when I lose my centre,  I feel the strength to stand up for myself, and I can speak my truth much more freely.
Natalie is wonderful to work with – her intuition and guidance are deeply healing and profound. I’d totally recommend her services.
Shalini (Choose YourSelf Change the World Program)

“I loved the cacao ceremony and found it very powerful.”

Many thanks for introducing me to something which I think could be life changing.  Before the meditation course I was struggling at times with sleeping and with family issues which are a constant worry to me.  The meditation will, I hope, bring me a way to escape from and to control the difficulties I was having and has already helped me sleep better.

I’ve noticed that after meditation  the quality of my sleep seems much deeper  so I’m already benefitting.


“…a great bonding with lovely women  who have become  friends. It really was brilliant and has given me the tools to  manoeuvre my life. Although I still want and need to do more  practice- it’s great to have the videos !!

With much love and deep thanks for everything you  do.

Karina (online program – The 3 Master Practices/Setting Up Your Own Practice)

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