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The Rose Temple

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Friday 17th -19th March 

Glastonbury Spring Equinox Retreat

(2 spaces left)


 22nd – 31st March:

10 days of Awakening & Honouring You 

Aligning with Goddess/Shakti Navratri celebrations, Ostara (Easter) & Astrological New Year

Mix of recorded, online & in-person (Dancing the Goddess on Friday 31st, Forest Hill, London)

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A twice a month WOMB CAVE retreat space:

🔻To reconnect with your innate wisdom/source connection, & cyclical/spiral feminine wisdom

🔻To reconnect and honour the Nature & Mother Earth energies

🔻To meet the need we all have to DEEPLY & authentically connect with each other and feel supported by our sister

🔻To be seen & heard (without judgement or fixing as often happens with well intended friends or family)

🔻To nourish all layers of your Being – leaving aside all the other duties/worries you have for a couple of precious hours

🔻To PAUSE and honour life transitions, spirals, endings and beginnings…

🔻As a potent container to give SPACE that allows for the transmutation of all that has been censored, suspressed or fractured.

Alchemising it all into PURE GOLD.

An antidote to:

🔺 Loss of sacredness of life & the joy of living

🔺Never having the time to decompress & process through the body all that is experienced at a time of monumental pressure (or distracting/numbing instead)

🔺 Living only in your logical mind

🔺Surviving vs thriving

🔺 Anxiety or Frazzled Nervous System

🔺Feelings of isolation or alienation (we all have these & more so after trauma)

🔺 Superficial or toxic interactions on much of social media

🔺 Endlessly trying to”fix” & “become” more of yourself or push, struggle and make shit happen NOW.

Can you relate to any of those?

Side Effects of joining

The Rose Temple may include

(but are not limited to):



 🔺Delight by what you discover as you explore your body, heart & womb energies

🔺Old, unkind feelings shifting into acceptance and unconditional love

🔺Feeling held, nurtured & nourished


🔺Lightness of being

🔺Insights and moments of bliss




 🔺Peaceful 🔺Home

All of which feeds your physical, mental, emotional & spiritual bodies

opening the way for more ease & greater :





🔺alignment with your chosen life focus/career/vocation…

creating more of the life and world you truly & deeply want to be part of


What will we DO though?

At The Rose Temple we arrive just as we are – that is THE ONLY requirement (in real time or later).

 There will be SPACE.

For the unwinding, the unfurling & the realigning using a variety of beautiful tools that take us into the Receptive/Feminine/Yin embodied & direct experiential realm and so into a more WHOLEY expression of who we are.

We will be using a some of these tools based on the energy of the time/date/group and according to my & your inner instructions in the moment:

🔺Sacred Ceremony 

🔺 Body practices – Guided & Expressive movement to explore your inner & outer temple & connect with Earth & Sky energies

🔺 Heart & Womb Awakening Meditations to clear blocked /activate dormant energies

🔺 Simple Breathing  

🔺 Sacred Mantras & Medicine Songs (from different traditions & lineages including Aramaic)

🔺 Energy Transmissions & Activations ( light language or toning may come through)

🔺 Shamanic Drumming

🔺 Kundalini meditations

🔺 Sharing 

🔺 Silence

🔺 Deep Relaxation

🔺Integration & grounding Practices


Good to know…

  • you do not need to have any previous experience with any of the above – you can’t get it wrong.
  • women of all ages welcome
  • no physical womb or menstrual cycle required to participate – we are connecting with the subtle/energetic imprints that remain regardless of where your body is at.


Some feedback from the original Women’s Awakening Circles in 2021:

“As a first-timer to the circle, I was inspired by the safety and warmth that was co-created within the group. I felt able to relax into the meditations and was surprised and delighted by what I discovered. I experienced my old and unkind feelings shift into acceptance and unconditional love and felt energised and renewed from taking the time to go so deeply within. I loved the drumming too!”


“Just wanted to say thank you again for the last group session yesterday. Although I have really enjoyed all the other groups, I think this set of four has been the best ever. I enjoyed preparing the room beforehand, as you suggested, and it really helped to create the right atmosphere…and I loved the breathing exercises and the meditation/journeys with the drumming. Thank you for a very special set of sessions and I feel really rejuvenated this morning.”


Like to know more?


Finally, after many months or perhaps years of gestation, the Rose Temple is ready to take some baby steps out into the world.

It’s really a synthesis of all the lovely things I offer to support and nourish you through these times of massive upheaval (and that’s before you add in your own life transitions like job changes & relationships, changes in your body throughout menstrual cycles and pauses/endings like pregnancy, peri-menopause or menopause).

It is a more regular commitment, to carve out a time for a womb cave/ retreat space -just for YOU.

To remember and restore the Feminine – which starts with each of us and then flows out into our World as aligned Action (“Masculine”).

I intend to do approx 2 per month, 1 online (please note a lot of it will be with eyes closed if you are worried about staring at a computer screen) and 1 in person (usually Forest Hill but also other spots like Glastonbury this March).

The theme for the first 2 Rose Temples is SELF-LOVE and ultimately an underlying thread for all of them…

Because the most important relationship you will ever have is the one with yourself.

You are warmly welcomed into the Rose Temple. 

With Love


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