Sir Cliff Richard! Ooo, I do love lycra!

Apologies – I sent out the incomplete post! Here is the final version….

AM FM I feel so ecstatic now, It’s music I’ve found, And I’m wired for sound”  Cliff Richard

“I don’t sing because I’m happy; I’m happy because I sing.”  William James

Sometimes when I am teaching, I can see that some people are perhaps a bit unsure about the sounds/chants/mantras that are used in the typical Kundalini Yoga class. I think it’s partly a shyness or reserve about being vocal, being heard; a concern that we  might hit the wrong note and a worry about other people’s opinions of us; and just not really knowing why we’re doing it – it’s a bit weird isn’t it? As well as some unfamiliar “words” too…

In a Kundalini Yoga class we use many ways of bringing us back to harmony, and sound is an incredibly powerful way to do this. We were born to make sound with our vocal chords, and in fact we are literally sound, which is vibrating energy, on a fundamental level. Our cells all vibrating, humming in harmony – or sometimes dis-harmony…

Birds sing and are not self-conscious about what it sounds like. It is in their nature, and it is in ours. Regardless of what is sounds like to someone else, it is your sound. If someone has told you, you can’t sing, that is a LIE. Let that limiting idea go, relax your throat, and sing from your heart, and I promise you it will be beautiful!

I came across this lovely explanation by Jonathan Goldman about the power of sound/vibration (just click the Listen to Sample track). He is a world renowned sound healer and I love his Chakra Chants cd and Holy Harmony track which I sometimes use during relaxation.. So powerful… He is also offering a free mp3 download with instructions of a 7 chakra tune up in just over 7 minutes, for those in a hurry! That’s available on his site here.

Happy Chanting!

Sat Nam

Natalie x