Hello Beautiful,

If you are over the information, advice and media, then please join me this Saturday for a mini-retreat.

Meditation Ceremony this Saturday 3.15-4.30pm ish, by donation
There is a significant lining up of planets on Saturday evening/Sunday at 3.45am precisely, and there is a global call for as many people to meditate at that time who will anchor in the energies of Peace, Harmony, Abundance, Freedom, and Healing on this planet.

But if you are more of a day person then join me this Saturday at 3.15-4.30pm ish (I tend to go over!) instead or as well. I can give you a bit more info,  and we can hang out together and choose Presence, which is our Sat Nam (True Vibration), and create a container for more light to flow through us and onto this planet.

We will do it in a ceremony style.

  • Set up an altar however you can eg

-a candle
-smudge/incense (not too smoky though as your throat wiil dry out – open the window)
-some nice essential oils diffusing
-images, crystals, oracle cards
-some soothing music on (here is the spotify playlist)

We will do a few stretches, breathwork and create sounds of heailng and power that will helps us to stay in the eternal moment and trust that ultimately ALL is WELL.

The zoom link is here – : https://zoom.us/j/204527735 so please put that in your calendar. It is fine to invite your friends too, everyone is welcome.

Donations can be done here

How to Book for Online Classes
I think it’s safe to say we are all getting a lot out of the classes online. Thank you so much for your support – it is felt on many levels by myself and all those attending. Several people have told me it is a lifeline.

And if you haven’t tried it out, then please come along this Saturday if you are feeling a bit rusty or new – it’s a beginner’s class so I give more instruction and usually do the postures for a bit less time.

All the info is here on how to join, including a donation option. As well as a link to some free stuff, mainly meditations at the top of the page.