You are warmly invited to join me on Friday May 13th, 7-8.30pm at the beautiful & spacious Forest Hill Quakers House (34 Sunderland Road, SE23 2QA).


DOORS LOCKED BY 7.15PM to avoid disruption to others.

Come on your own or bring a friend and join us for deep healing on all levels with the help of the Gong and a meditation: this will be close to the Full Moon in Scorpio on 16th May which is about releasing entrenched patterns, especially around relationships. We will do a meditation focused on releasing patterns and the past.

The session will include:

  • a few gentle stretches and focussed breathing/pranayam to relax and prepare the body for the sound bath
  • lying down (bring as much stuff as you need to be comfortable and warm) and receiving the healing vibrations of (primarily) the Gong (paiste symphonic) and other instruments.
  • a mantra meditation/healing circle

The entire universe was built on sound or vibration. And as we are vibrated by the sound waves of the gong and mantra, we clear and reharmonise all the bodies – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

Using the Gong & Mantra we can :

• Create a state of deep relaxation, to calm the mind and release tension
• Decrease stress and anxiety levels
• Improve sleep
• Increase clarity of mind, awareness and insight
• Reactivate dis-eased cells and parts of the body
• Stimulate quicker recovery from illnesses, wounds, and invasive medical treatments
• Enhance concentration and creativity
• Remove blocks and toxins
• Awaken higher states of consciousness, and a deeper connection with your true self

Please bring: yoga mat (sheepskin or a Thermarest is great – imagine you’re going camping), WARM blanket, cushion for meditation and potentially to put under your knees for back comfort, EYE mask/cover. Wear something comfy.

Some mats are available but must be booked in advance (

Exchange: £22 or £33 in advance via button below, or cash at the door (email to book a space if paying cash)

You will receive a Stripe confirmation of payment and I will email you by the 12th of May with a reminder of what to bring etc.

Healing - Gong & Meditation 13/5/22 - Aligned option
Healing – Gong & Meditation 13/5/22 - Abundant option