The soft, cool grass between my toes, and the beautiful leaf that became stuck on my foot during Yoga.

After teaching yoga yesterday morning in a gym, I was undecided about whether to hang around and attend a class at another nearby gym. It’s always good to go to a class, to feel that group energy…I know that being in a group makes everything I do somehow easier when the postures are tough, and the meditations more powerful. This is something that Yogi Bhajan  talked about – that on the road to Oneness, we might practice/meditate on our own but group consciousness is a necessary step on the way to Universal Consciousness. So with each person added to the mix, an exponential effect is felt. So even 1 plus 1 is powerful. But, I digress. After standing in the baking Sun, I realised that I could just cycle to Dulwich Park on my way home and do some Yoga there. Seemed a rather obvious idea given I have just started teaching the odd class outdoors recently.

I went to the beautiful Oak tree where I’d taught last weekend, locked up my bike, and then a massive industrial tractor lawn mower came speeding around right near me and covered me in a waft of dust. Did I mention I was wearing a white kaftan top? Thank you very much. He would be back around quite a few times from what I could tell.  He was oblivious to the effect he had. I was a little peeved. But as often happens, I found an even better spot, more secluded, soft green grass (not wet!!) with a little tree and the perfect amount of shade. I didn’t have a mat or anything with me so it was just me and the Earth. And it was WONDERFUL! At the point in my Kriya (set of postures) where I would have lay down in Corpse Pose on my back, I just sat on my heels and folded down to rest my forehead on the ground. Such a wonderful and peaceful feeling of connection, with ultimately the stuff that my physical body is made of – Mother Earth.  It is difficult to put into words how it felt, but I thought, wow, maybe this is what people feel when they come to the outdoor “Guerrilla Yogis” sessions?

So next time you’re near a bit of grass, in your backyard, in the parks, wherever you are…I invite you to just lay down, and breathe, connect with the Earth, Sun and Sky and take the time to immerse your self in your Self 🙂 or if you are in South London and want some group energy you are very welcome to join in the outdoor sessions (with me, in or near SE21 ,or SE1 with my beautiful friend Maren)

All for One, and One for All


Sat Nam

Natalie X