“For fast acting relief, try slowing down.” – Lily Tomlin

We live in a world of polarity and duality – “I” and “others”, mine and yours, right and wrong, black and white, male and female, happy and sad….our minds swing around with these extremes and more often than not, our moods follow. Let us bring some balance back into your life, find peace in your heart, and nurture your Soul with Yoga. As we start this new Age of Aquarius we are also entering a time of re-balancing of the feminine and masculine energies, the previous Age of Pisces being dominated by masculine energies. By balancing these energies within ourselves, we not only find peace internally, but this is also reflected externally because any separation is an illusion – we are ALL ONE! . This will also  be a great workshop to bring (not drag) your partner to 🙂

Please join me in an extended workshop using Kundalini Yoga kriyas (exercise sets), pranayama (breathing techniques), extended deep relaxation, meditations and mantras to reconnect with who you really are.

The Venue is a large beautiful room looking out onto a garden. Yogi tea and snacks included in the break.

Who: Suitable for all levels (no previous experience required – just work at your own level)
When:  Sunday 7th July, 2pm-6pm
Cost: £30 (or £35 on the day)
Venue: Friends Meeting House, 34 Sunderland Rd, Forest Hill, SE23 2QA (map here)


Please book here (Details of how to pay by BACS on line here, or payment by cash or cheque. Prompt payment to confirm the booking appreciated).