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Kundalini Yoga and Prosperity

Why am I here? And I don't mean why am I sitting alone in a room in Forest Hill, London,  although that is a good question too. I forgot to take a photo after everyone had arrived for the "Celebrating Abundance and Prosperity Kundalini Yoga Workshop". Oops. Still, it...

giving birth – the easy way

I said to my mate a few months ago "I want a shamanic drum". I'd been in a Kundalini Yoga class about 2 years ago with Guru Dharam, Kundalini Yoga Master and he'd played one during relaxation and the impression had lasted. The seed had been planted, and now it was...

how to make your Yoga more powerful

After teaching yoga yesterday morning in a gym, I was undecided about whether to hang around and attend a class at another nearby gym. It's always good to go to a class, to feel that group energy...I know that being in a group makes everything I do somehow easier when...

breath of fire

Correct breathing is the basis of yoga practice – the yogis said this was the key to balancing our emotions, being in control of our mind, and good health. It brings you into the present moment and out of the chatter of your mind. Next time you are feeling...

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