January 5th, Sunday 2-5pm : £35 – pay here

  • Get your body moving & kick start the detoxification process on all levels of your being in the New Year with Kundalini Yoga breathing practices, kriyas (sets of postures) and meditations. Let go of tensions from worry and of toxins from overeating/drinking , activate cleansing channels in the skin, liver, intestines and lymph glands. Create a surge of vitality and energy in every cell that allows your body to activate its innate healing powers.
  • Relaxation, Gong Bath/Sound Healing and chai included.
  • Please bring a mat/sheepskin and blanket.
  • Forest Hill Quaker House – 34 Sunderland Rd, London, SE23 2QA-  map here
  • Photos/blog from the last Kundalini Yoga & Prosperity workshop here.

I look forward to working up a sweat with you, bringing back some balance (if things go a bit out of control around this time of year for you :)), and giving you some space & time to relax and recharge…

Everyone welcome including beginners – just work at your own pace and range of movement. New students please fill in the registration form here.

Please get in touch if you have any questions,

Deep peace, love and light

Nat/Dev Sujjan Kaur