Kundalini Yoga - Why am I here?

Why Am I Here? Kundalini Yoga Prosperity Workshop

Why am I here? And I don’t mean why am I sitting alone in a room in Forest Hill, London,  although that is a good question too. I forgot to take a photo after everyone had arrived for the “Celebrating Abundance and Prosperity Kundalini Yoga Workshop”. Oops. Still, it gives you an idea of the beautiful space we were in.

But really, Why are You Here? That was the question I asked people to consider before arriving at the workshop. It is a question a Teacher asked on my teacher training course, and when she first asked it, I thought, well, I’m here to do module 8, isn’t that obvious?

Then she asked it again, Why are You Here? And the light went on. Right, what is my purpose, what meaning does my lIfe have? What is the point of it all?

So what does this have to do with prosperity and abundance I hear you ask? From a Kundalini Yoga perspective that encompasses the 10 energetic bodies, we can approach life from scarcity, abundance or prosperity. Scarcity is the realm of the Negative Mind (the 2nd energetic body) – it is about “What can I lose? Where can things go wrong? There isn’t enough for everyone. I must hoard what I have.” It is there to protect us but I am sure you can see how much of the world is stuck in this consciousness. If we get stuck here, we live in a lot of Soul sapping fear.

The abundance mentality comes from the Positive Mind (3rd energetic body) where everything is possible with a bit of motivation, optimism and a can do attitude. The trouble with this is that you can end up with lots of stuff and get lost on the real reasons for being here. This is where the Neutral Mind (4th energetic body) comes in. This is the home of true prosperity – where you have exactly what you need to fulfill your destiny, your real purpose. So rather than getting stuck in fear, or what others say you should be doing, or the material possessions, you tune in to why you are here – and listen with your heart (the home of the Neutral mind), your Soul, your intuition. And this requires you to come out of the polarities, and into the heart space. A strong Neutral Mind gives you the peace to hear your true Self and to be who you really are in a world that is full of voices telling you how you should be.

It takes time and comittment to build the Neutral Mind – practicing every day with meditation – maybe just breathing consciously for a few minutes, maybe using a mantra to blast away the subconscious programming that we pick up without even realising. Just like a muscle, it needs daily exercise… But isn’t that a lot less exhausting than pretending to be someone else all day long?

The authentic you is priceless. You have unique gifts and talents to give to this world. What if you just being you is what the world needs right now?

Sat Nam