Pre-birth excitement - Wild Cherry hoop for me, Oak for my friend

Pre-birth excitement – Wild Cherry hoop for me, Oak for my friend

I said to my mate a few months ago “I want a shamanic drum”. I’d been in a Kundalini Yoga class about 2 years ago with Guru Dharam, Kundalini Yoga Master and he’d played one during relaxation and the impression had lasted. The seed had been planted, and now it was apparently time “to give birth” to a drum! I didn’t even know this was possible. So I started investigating on the internet, even contemplated getting a kit to make at home but, as with most things, it’s nice to have some one who can hold your hand during what is a messy process!

Finally I came across Phil and Lyn Cowley-Jones in Kent, England. It felt right. And it felt quite funny telling my friends and husband what I was up to next. The excitement I felt told me that this is my path, leading more and more into sound as a healing tool (I have a gong on order, that will be in another post). So my dear friend and I happily went off to the woods on the weekend and gave birth. It was moving, fun, messy, educational and shamanic.

What does shamanic mean? Well, I understand it to be similar to Yoga – the union of the material and spiritual worlds, and a remembering of our true identity, and our deep connection with Mother Earth and all Life. It all felt very natural and it was not trying to be “native american” which is what many people associate with shamanism. It was nice to be reminded that there is a rich heritage in this part of the world that is deeply rooted in the land, nature and spirit, and with each step of the drum making we honored the contributions made by each.

My birth partner Phil doing the technical tensioning.

My birth partner Phil doing the technical tensioning.

We painted, we sanded, we threaded and were guided on a journey… we participated in ceremony and rituals that have created an experience and a drum that will literally live on. Now I just have to be patient and wait until the drum is dry enough to play for it’s first time…

Post-birth glow

Post-birth glow

To hear my public drum debut, please join me at my workshop to celebrate the abundance & prosperity of Life – or to invite it in. As we reach the end of the Summer, we reap what we have sown, take time to reflect on that, and plant new seeds. Let’s do it together!

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