carrot love

I had an epiphany recently about our earthly mothers. Well, actually it has been slowly coalescing after some meditating and talking with a few people. Are you ready? Well, it seems we may have been holding them up as infallible Goddesses, putting them on a pedestal, and when they are unable to perform to our expectations we are disappointed, take it personally and then maybe blame them for why we continue to do unconscious things. We judge them for (usually) unwittingly conditioning us in our trance-like child learning states to take on their beliefs, fears, judgements, opinions and so on. We sit in judgement- wishing they could be different, listen more, talk less, be more sympathetic,  care more than they seem to, or just come and SAVE US!! Or be like some fantasy ideal of a mother – everyone else has a perfectly loving mother surely, you know like in the movies??

And then it hit home –  maybe it is time we all took our earthly mothers down from this platform and gave them a break, because they are all doing the best that they can with whatever level of consciousness they are at. And the same goes for you and me. We are all just doing the best we can…and the more we wake up to the subconscious programming (with daily meditation:) and become present, the more clearly we can see what is really going on. Is it The Truth- The unconditioned Self – Infinite Being – Your Soul- Your Highest Self operating…or the learned self -the conditioned self – the Ego – the finite being?

Maybe then we can start to open our hearts more fully to our mothers, fathers, siblings, partners, children, friends, strangers and every creation- and forgive them for not reaching these impossible ideals, AND forgive ourselves as we sort through the messiness and the ridiculous standards we think we have to meet too.

Yogi Bhajan said forgiveness is for giving. You do the giving. And in return, you bring back all the energy and power that is lingering and being wasted on the past.  Maybe the only time you need to go digging around in the past is to forgive?

I have been doing a 40 day meditation (to unlock your hidden power) using the sound “ma” which represents the creative, nurturing mother energy of the Universe. It is a sacred sound, a sound that has always existed. It is reminding me that we are all really creations of the Universe, children of the Universe, and we can call on this mother energy within us whenever we need it. That we can connect with our true mother and release our earthly mothers from our expectations and judgements, and leave just the pure love that connects us.

And with this ultimately we take back the responsibility and unlock the power for creating our lives, to no longer play the victim, and to no longer look outside ourselves for the unconditional love that we seek from our mothers or others… It is all in you. It is you. Sat Nam.


  1. Sit in easy pose with the hands held like a cup right below your heart center, edge of hands touching.
  2. Look into your hands with your eyes about a tenth of the way open.
  3. Inhale deeply and sing out a long ‘maaaaaaaa’. This is the ancient sound for the creative nurturer of the universe.
  4. Listen to the sound through your cupped hands.
  5. Continue for eleven minutes (or start with 3 mins and build up)

Why not try it out for 40 days? See what happens… A lovely track you can also do it along with is by Benjahmin on his Wholly Woman CD