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in GOD we trust – or do we?

I wrote this last August, 2015 but never published it. As I rode home today, I stopped to pick up more money on the road... "I love synchronicity. As I walked home the other day I picked up a coin on my path (and because I affirm my path is lined with money it is...

a hero’s journey with Maria Carey

You can't just suddenly become courageous: you have to act out courage to know you have courage. Caroline Myss   All the difficult parts on the path are there to build our love, compassion, patience, courage, strength and more - how else would we know that we have...

April 2014 Newsletter – Feelin’ Groovy?

  Are you Feelin' Groovy? Yes or no, check out the latest news with some sing along, and suggestions for kriyas and meditations to do at home. Including info about the last spaces for the May Retreat, Homeplay, May class timetable and Next Workshop dates. Have a...