yogi tea ingredients

I made some fresh Yogi Tea last night and wanted to share this recipe because it tastes lush and has a lot of wonderful effects.

According to Dr Dharma’s Food as Medicine book, and The Ancient Art of Self Healing which is a compilation of Yogi Bhajan’s wisdom….

Black pepper is a blood purifier

Cardamon for the colon

Cloves for the nervous system

Cinnamon for the bones

Ginger is good for digestion, controlling inflammation, colds/flu or physical weakness.

The milk helps in assimilating the spices and avoids irritation to the colon and stomach, and the black tea acts as an alloy for all of the ingredients to achieve a new chemical structure. It’s also good: –

  • for menstrual cramps (add lots of ginger)
  • for restoring the body after childbirth
  • as a nervous system tonic
  • “when kundalini energy gets activated and one becomes afraid, drink Yogi tea and sleep for a while” (Ancient Art of Self Healing)

I made up a batch as below and ended up with about 1.5 litres (I’d already had some by the time I took the photo below) which I am keeping in the fridge, then enjoying a couple of times a day.


Mantra music playing in the background 🙂 plus –

8 cups of water

bottle of yogi tea

freshly brewed yogi tea

32 whole black peppercorns

32 whole green cardamon pods

24 whole cloves

4 whole cinnamon sticks

4 inches thinly sliced ginger root

Cover and let boil for 15-20 mins. Bottle this for the fridge and for each cup you heat up later, add:

1/4 tsp black tea (optional)

after 2 minutes, add

1/2 cup milk (or alternative).

Heat just to the boiling point and remove immediately. Strain and add honey to taste.

You can also have it cold and sip it first thing in the morning…