I wrote this last August, 2015 but never published it. As I rode home today, I stopped to pick up more money on the road…

in god we trust

“I love synchronicity. As I walked home the other day I picked up a coin on my path (and because I affirm my path is lined with money it is ungrateful not to pick it up, regardless of the amount). I noticed that it wasn’t a British coin – and immediately smiled as I saw the words “In God We Trust” on an American cent coin.

And it turns out I’d started a Mediation for Brosa or Trust about 10 days earlier, which requires a reasonably challenging arm hold while whispering Wahe Guru, which can be translated as the indescribable ecstasy that brings me from darkness to light. And my intention for this mediation is to remember that I (the small I or Ego or separate sense of self) am not the doer i.e. I am not the One who turns the planets, that makes the Sun Rise, the tides rise and fall, the seeds grow into trees, or makes a baby, or turns a baby into an adult.

When I am stressed out I have forgotten that everything is unfolding perfectly and if my mind thinks things should be some other way and resists what is happening then I am setting myself up for suffering (please note, it doesn’t mean I don’t still have a preference for ease and joy, but the better I feel, the better the results I get via the Law of Attraction).

My new practice to go with this remembrance is to say Wahe Guru (or Hallelujah) to EVERYTHING that happens, not just the things my mind thinks are “good”. Gratitude and trust for what ever happens. So yesterday was one chance to apply it over and over and over and train my little mind to stay out of the way. My only job is keep tuning into the True Doer, or the Higher Self or Source Energy, Sat Nam or True Identity. Which means relaxing and feeling good no matter what the circumstances.

I had intended to get up at 4am to go and chant for Yogi Bhajan’s birthday, but then I got literally no sleep on the spare bed, or later on the couch, so by 4am I finally crawled back into my lovely bed and got 4 hrs sleep, Wahe Guru. Then on my driving way home from teaching that morning, I got a flat tyre, Wahe Guru, then I couldn’t get the tyre nuts off (wearing white, rain pouring, Wahe Guru), so I rang the breakdown service, wahe guru, 60-90 mins wait I was told, wahe guru, needed the toilet so managed to find a cafe 10 mins away, wahe guru, 2hrs 15 mins later with no one answering the recovery service phone and ready for my next toilet break, some one arrived and changed the tyre and also checked something else I’d had wrong with the car, wahe guru, then he tells me he only got the call 25 mins ago, so I’d been sitting in the car for 90 mins plus with no one informed of my breakdown, waheguru AND a little bit of steam coming out of the ears. Did 31 mins of chanting and my other meditation while waiting and some other work on my phone, wahe guru, got home, rang the service and cancelled my policy that I’d just renewed with them, wahe guru, and then discovered they offered £10 back if your wait is more than 45 mins.

I was a bit miffed about the unnecessary wait but I didn’t take it out on the phone operator, I gave the facts, asked for a response from a manager as to how this happened, and let it go. Wahe Guru.

So how much do you trust that everything is in hand? That is, in God’s hands, or the Source or Universe or what ever you call it? That everything happening on your path, IS your path? That the suffering is created and the energy drained only by the blocks you have put there? ”

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