Betinho checking his FB (?)  Sedona 2016

I have just returned from a mind-blowing, heart-opening retreat in Sedona with Bentinho Massaro called Eye of the Hurricane ( you can watch here).

I came across Ben about a year ago via a FB youtube clip “accessing the full enlightenment/empowerment enchilada“. From then  I threw myself into his teachings in his Trinfinity Academy.  For me it was like a lot of light bulbs going off as Benthinho stripped things back, removed the bullshit and/or confusion of other obscure ways of talking about who we are and how life actually works. He distills thousands of years of teachings, getting rid of the dogma, rules and incense to leave you with simple and powerful tools and principles.

I’ve been on the yogic path for a long time and into various other teachings (Abraham Hicks/Law of Attraction, A course in Miracles and more) and Yogi Bhajan’s teachings through his Kundalini Yoga for the last 5 years. In Benthino I have found a living master who is not your usual stereotype – a 29 year old, blonde Dutch guy – who can give me the messages in a much clearer way.

So following my highest excitement (a core teaching to connect you with your Highest Self/Soul) I ended up in Sedona, a magical landscape of energy vortices, with a couple of hundred other people who are all up for choosing a personal & collective reality and vision that is a Heart-Centred World (as Yogi Bhajan would call it, and Ben would call fourth density ), enlightened civilisation by 2035 (which means people know who they are and how they are creating their reality).img_0380

This guy is no bullshit, Awake, on fire and has a vision that helps me transcend my ego and it’s insecurities and ideas of self-preservation. Instead of that, I am signing up for my real job, to serve others, to help each person I connect with to choose and shift into a world that is free of judging others or ourselves (i.e. Unconditional Love). Where we are 100% responsible for our triggers, for our experience in each moment, for what we are choosing to focus upon. To keep seeing & letting go of all the limiting beliefs that we have picked up.

So it is with my whole heart that I recommend this guy who has just now made his Academy FREE of charge so that we can get at least 1 million people awake by 2018.  This is his life’s work up until now on self-realisation (who am I really?) and self-empowerment (how do I create my reality?). So if it resonates for you, then check out Trinfinity Academy.  If you have friends who are lost, unhappy, depressed, stressed etc then please share with them – it might just be what they need.

Heart Centred / 4th Density Community –

And if you want to contribute to the practical tools and platforms that we directly can benefit and be a part of then please see all the awesome projects that Betinho and his team revealed a couple of weeks ago here. Now all we need is for him to get on Oprah – anyone know someone who can hook him up?

Women’s Coaching

And if you don’t have the inclination or time to go through all of the course, then I am here to support you with some to apply this stuff to your life right now, or come along to a Kundalini Yoga class/retreat/events and feel how amazing you truly are 🙂