I was at Borough Market today in London, and I came across a tea stall selling shots of Golden Milk! Was very excited – they used coconut milk, and added cinnamon and cardamom and it was delicious. Turmeric has tonnes of healing properties (for details check this out) – it’s a powerful anti-inflamatory, antioxidant, adjusts blood sugar levels, is equal to prozac in treating depression,  and used in cancer treatment to name a few.

Yogi Bhajan recommended it for yogis to help with any creaky joints and is one of the many highlights of the annual European Yoga Festival in France – after a long day of yoga or white tantra this is bliss :).


It is surprisingly tasty and sweet!!

First of all, cook the turmeric. You can either boil it in water for 8-10 minutes to make Turmeric Paste (see below), or sizzle in a little ghee, or coconut or olive oil for 20-30 seconds. This takes out the bitter taste and also releases the essences of the turmeric into the oil or water. It must be cooked! You can also make extra and keep it in the fridge for a week or 2.

I also add a little cinnamon, cardamon and black pepper to turmeric and keep in a small jar and use as I need it, putting it in with some coconut oil to cook briefly (I don’t do paste anymore as I kept forgetting about it).



1/8 tsp Turmeric
1/4 Cup Water (approx.)
Simmer 5 to 7 minutes.

Then Add: 1 Cup Milk
1 or 2 Tbsp. Almond Oil (cold pressed)

Add the milk, heat but do not boil. Remove from heat, if desired, add sweetener (honey or maple syrup) to taste and the almond oil (can be some other healthy cold pressed oil but Yogi Bhajan was a big fan of almonds and almond oil). You can also make it frothy by putting it in the blender, using the lowest setting. Drink warm.

I use home made almond mylk or Rude Health “Coconut Drink” and add a pinch of cardamom and cinammon. Sing some mantras while stirring to amplify it’s good ness 🙂 X