bliss ball recipe

I make these occasionally for my workshops and events and they are usually a hit. Something sweet without any refined sugar.

There is no proper recipe, so taste and adjust as you like – the 2 main ingredients are the dates and the seeds which are a roughy 1:1 ratio. Ideally you have a decent food processor or blender so you can make a smooth paste.
Ingredient list:

  • Dates – if not medjool l cut up & soak in a little warm water until a bit softer
  • Sunflower seeds/pumpkin seeds – grind in a nut/coffee grinder or high speed blender
  • sesame seeds (brain booster)
  • carob powder – llike cacao/cocoa but not a stimulant
  • orange essential oil – this is a safe oil to eat
  • vanilla bean pod (or good liquid extract)
  • coconut or seeds or cacao powder to roll them in (or nothing!)


Blend the seeds first, then add the rest of the ingredients – blend it all on high until it’s smooth. Taste it and adjust.

Put them in the fridge until a bit cooler then roll in something you like, and keep in fridge. Eat slowly and enjoy!

Other things I’ve added – ground up goji berries/hemp seeds, raisins, raw cacao, other nuts like cashews,brazil (soak first), coconut oil – whatever you have or fancy.

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