A friend and I were coming up with a list the other day – of how many ways people think they are not “enough” to do yoga, or in some other way disqualify themselves.

Not flexible enough

Not experienced enough

Not healthy enough

Not fit enough

Not slim enough

Not young or old enough

Not spiritual enough

The interesting thing to reflect on is perhaps that these are all just made up rules and ideas that each of us have decided on, through maybe misunderstanding what Yoga is about. When we practice Yoga, in essence, we aren’t trying to be perfect, but rather, remembering our perfection (stop and realise for a moment how amazing your existence is – how your 30 trillion cells somehow organise and coordinate themselves so that you can experience life. Blows your mind if you stop and consider it… the Infinite intelligence).

Sure, we try our best, challenge ourselves physically and mentally to exceed what we thought our limits were. But it’s a practice, everyone practicing and doing their personal best, rather than comparing – because somebody else will always be more or less flexible/fit/slim/healthy/balanced, and older/younger and so on.

So, a better question might be, have you had enough of not being “enough”?

How would you feel if you gave yourself permission to be good enough, just as you are? Not just to do some Yoga, but everything else you want to do in Life?!

After posting this, I found this http://www.curvyyoga.com/matifesto/ – made me well up. Love it.

Sat Nam