manifesto for Radiant women

Choose yourSelf & Change the World Manifesto for Radiant Women

manifesto – what I stand for and want to see manifest in the world…

I believe the World needs strong, loving, self-confident, courageous women who know their true power and know that to Choose Your Self is to Change the World. I believe it is time to stop listening to the external rules we have been conditioned to follow – that say you should be this, have this, do this, look this way, or feel this way.  I believe it is time to SLOW DOWN and listen deeply to your heart, for only it knows the path forward in this time of great change.

I believe it is time to stop wasting energy on judging ourselves or others based on some imaginary ideals of the perfect woman that we have inherited from a society based on competition or selling us the latest anti-wrinkle cream or diet.

I believe it is time for women to re-connect with themselves, each other, and their natural powers of intuition, wisdom, strength and healing that have been suppressed and oppressed for generations.

I believe that when you Choose YourSelf you can Change the World – for yourSelf and your children (or any other little people who will come after you).

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