Women's Online Meditation Circle

Wednesday March 18th, 25th & April 1st, 8th

7.45-9pm, Investment £60

"It was as good as being with everyone in person and much more convenient not having to drive anywhere."

This round of the online group will be about diving into the Source of Intuition, Creativity & Prosperity (=Pro Spirit).

As we connect more deeply with our Source of True Power & Wisdom (through meditation and gentle movement), we have greater access to ALL of these.

As the external world gets noisier and crazier, we have the choice to jump on that train, OR choose another path. The path that takes each of us into where there is clarity, stillness, and alignment with what the Heart or Soul is telling us.

Which means you are more AUTHENTIC! You Being You is the Medicine the world needs.

And as each of us is more able to ride the storm of changes with greater alignment, purpose, and love ie BEING THE REAL YOU, this will be reflected in our environments.

This Meditation Circle is for you if you want to:

  • Connect with your Inner guidance/Higher Self
  • Open to greater Creativity & Prosperity
  • Be YOU...


  • Feel more peaceful & resilient
  • Reduce your stress/anxiety/blood pressure levels
  • Be more patient & kinder
  • Sleep better
  • Give yourself mental space from overthinking/indecisiveness
  • Try out different types of meditation
  • Connect with people without having to leave home or change out of your tracksuit pants


Please note: This is suitable for beginners or more experienced meditators and will be tailored to the group needs.

What will be included?

  • 4 Wednesday evenings 7.45-9pm,  March 18th & 25th, April 1st & 8th.
  • The first 15 mins is for joining and informal chat.
  • Each session will include breathing techniques, simple movements you can do seated, a variety of different meditations from the Kundalini Yoga tradition (eg silent, with or without mantras, breath focussed/visualizations) and other traditions.
  • An opportunity to check-in and ask questions.
  • A recording of the session – so if you miss the class or want to redo it you can download to your computer.
  • An experienced teacher and practitioner of meditation who provides a supportive, safe and confidential space to be yourself.
  • WhatsApp support to share the meditation or details (if you want to try out during the week) and zoom link of recording.

“I enjoy your teaching style which brings a light touch and sense of humour to the class alongside focus and concentration.” Rachel (Meditation Course at JAGS sports club)

What do you need?

  • An internet connection, laptop or phone to use Zoom online meeting.
  • A reasonably quiet space to sit quietly (chair, floor) where you won’t be interrupted
  • Not to have a very full stomach (eat early dinner or have a lighter meal)


Feedback from the 1st Round:

  • It was as good as being with everyone in person and much more convenient not having to drive anywhere
  • Group online meditation does work!
  • I enjoyed the group energy
  • Longer meditations were really good
  • I felt more confident in my own meditation practice
  • I felt more energised, centred, and grounded
  • I was calmer and more confident
  • Something really lovely about connecting with women from totally different backgrounds and connect on this level once a week and share this experience.
  • I learned further strategies for peace of mind and general wellbeing and was
    able to incorporate some of the things I learned into my everyday life
  • Feeling less volatile and so communicating better with those around me.
  • Felt more disciplined to do it in the group and regularly in the diary
  • Definitely helped me feel grounded as I transitioned into a new job/place/routine
  • I’d say I’m a positive person, but it was effective to delve into the self-talk that isn’t always so positive
  • Everyone is going through their own individual challenges and when you hear a little snapshot of what others are going through (w/o it being group therapy) is helpful as we can think my problems are so unique to me but these are universal human challenges.


And here’s some feedback from previous meditation sessions on FB live:

“Another lovely meditation – absolutely hit the spot!

“Great tips tonight! Just what I needed!”

“Wow Natalie, thank you for that. Amazing felt so lifted it was like a massive, virtual hug. ❤”

“Thanks so much again Natalie – loved igniting my creativity!! already looking forward to next Monday.”

“that went fast! feel blissful thanks so much 🙏🌈💕 xx”

“Just what I needed 🙏.. thanks so much Sat Nam xxx”

“Didn’t think I was angry at all until halfway through the arm swinging!  Feel so delightfully calm, content and loving xx Sat nam and thank you xx”

“That was awesome, thank you so much Natalie, the theme of steadiness really hit the spot for me and was really feeling the love tonight with everyone, thanks to the whole group 💖”

“I’ve been listening on the way into work 🤗 I really like it (the mantra)❤”


Booking & Payment:

After payment, you will be contacted via your email with the Zoom downlaod & meeting link, reminder details and a registration form to help me tailor it. You can also DOWNLOAD ZOOM NOW so it's ready and you can play with it!


Please book as soon as possible as numbers will be limited.