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Samhain and Full Moon Women's Online Gathering, 2.30-5pm, Saturday 31st October

£22 standard /£33 abundant

Let's gather for some nourishment, letting go and inspiration as we adjust to the new season, the dark phase of the year's cycle and embrace the treasures that come with the archetype of the Crone or Wise Woman.

We can take time to shake off the old energies, move the body lovingly, rest deeply and become more rooted and grounded to allow new seeds and ideas to naturally be incubated, ready for the rebirth at the Solstice.

This year is a very unusual alignment with the Full Moon (14.49) falling on Samhain (end of Autumn, start of Winter). This is a potent time to let go of what is complete,  to be open to receiving your inner wisdom, communing with ancestors, and for connecting to the mysteries of our very existence.

This leisurely afternoon will include:

  • Setting up sacred/ceremonial space
  • Breathing/Pranayama
  • Shaking & Dancing medicine- to relax & release stress
  • Gentle stretches
  • A Kundalini set for purifying the self
  • Deep relaxation and Womb meditations to release fear or pain and open to love.
  • Mantra meditation
  • Optional art before/during/after depending on time.

All instructions will be sent on how to set up for ceremony, zoom link, preparation and aftercare a few days before the event.

Bookings will close on the day at 12pm.

Any problems with payment gateway, please email me at for alternative options.


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