Avalon Alchemy Retreat








Friday 12th – Monday 15th November 2021








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Can’t stop thinking and telling my friends about the weekend in Avalon !😃 and soo many things have happened since then & I am feeling full of energy!🤩☀️✨🌕 ( September Avalon Retreat)




✨Nature connection & ceremonies




✨Kundalini Yoga/Breathwork


✨Sacred Song & Silence


✨Mantras – including Aramaic


⭕️ Womben’s Wisdom & Healing circles


✨Guided & organic movement (aka dancing)


✨Alchemy sound bath (gong, shamanic drum, tongue drum, chimes, sacred toning/sounds/Light Language) 


✨Integration & grounding Practices






To bring Clarity


Peace with the Unknown




Plugging into the organic operating & guidance system of your body




You are the portal


You are the gateway


The unfolding of pure Love




The expansion of Light


Sisters with our scars and stories…


Be baptised & renewed by the Waters


Plugged into the Holy Lands & Cleansing Dragon Lines of Avalon


Plugged into the WHOLEy Lands of YOU


Align with the dreamer in you and call in the vision for these times…




Invest in your own source connection


Because YOU are the great reset 


Stand In Your Sacred YES!


Your Sacred NO!














Fill …




Your energy reserves


Your Pillar of Light


Your Pillar of Strength,


Your Chalice of Creativity


Your heart with Love & Laughter…




Embrace ourselves AND each other as we are right now


Be clear on your role as the Shift/ Ascension & Alchemy of these times unfold


Consciously Alchemising all that is happening within/without into the Sacred Fertiliser


For what is needed next for NEW EARTH




What is included?




  • Bespoke & Intimate retreat created around & with the women who are coming, by an experienced retreat & space holder
  • Immersing ourselves in the magical energy and sacred land of Glastonbury/Avalon, which is also considered the Heart Chakra of the Earths’s energy centres and the re-emergence of the honouring of the Goddess or Deep Feminine energy to help Re-store balance to each of us and this planet.
  • Guided visits & ceremonies/meditations in the Chalice Well Gardens, White Springs, Glastonbury Tor (other visits if time/inspiration in your free time – eg Glastonbury Abbey, Mary Magdalene Chapel).
  • Nature walk & ceremony with Ancient Trees
  • Cacao Ceremony (a shamanic heart-opening plant medicine) with Powerful Sound Journey
  • Kundalini Shakti yoga* awakening practices, meditation, relaxation for raising and clearing our energy, to allow presence, inspiration and intuition to flow. These will be short focussed sets – and at your own pace/ability.
  • Connection with your inner power & clarity via your own body
  • Connection with other lovely women.
  • Time for shopping (eg apothecaries for herbs, candles, oils etc Crystal shops!!), walks and fresh air, complementary therapies (massages can be arranged in advance), Akashic Record readings (I have a beautiful friend who offers this).
  • Suggested Arrival 2-4pm Friday 15th, Opening circle 6 pm


  • Closing Circle Ends by 12pm Monday 15th






  • Time together will be spent outside at the sacred sites/walking, and in the beautiful womby spaces of the Goddess House rooms (on Magdalene St, BA6 9EJ).






*Yoga will be accessible to beginners or if you feel rusty. It’s more about the energy and awareness.






Please email for a schedule or to register interest.




Not included:


  • Food & Accomodation (there is a lovely organic supermarket on the high st)
  • Entry fees to any venues (eg Chalice Wells, £4.60, or Glastonbury Abbey, £10, White Spring – Free )
  • Travel (I will send you information to help + let you know if there is a lift available from your area)


Please see testimonials here if you don’t know me yet.


Please email to let me know when you have paid. I will then send out a registration form, and information on travel and other useful information.




Please email me if you are interested in more information before booking/payment or would like to talk before booking and see if it feels right.




Payment in installments is possible.

Refunds provided if the Government Covid guidelines prohibit the event.







What’s the fuss about Glastonbury – aka Avalon?


The legendary village of Glastonbury has been recognised as a spiritual centre since the megalithic era, it is the site of the first Christian church in the British Isles and claimed to be the Isle of Avalon of the King Arthur tale.

It is steeped in history, myth and folklore with so many special sites to visit such as the Tor (as seen in the image above)- a magnetic power point where 2 major ley lines cross, the Chalice Well, the White Spring for collecting and bathing in the natural healing spring waters, the famous Glastonbury Abbey – the burial site of King Arthur and Joseph of Arimathea and so many other places too…


It is also known for it’s worship of the sacred feminine, with many Goddess temples and centres there and trainings for women to become healers and priestesses.

Once you have been to Glastonbury, you may find yourself coming back again and again like me. The mysteries of Avalon, Glastonbury’s sacred places and the gentle healing and revitalising energies may call you back for more.


I wanted to drop you a line to tell you how precious this weekend was for me.  As I mentioned at the end, I have been on an awful lot of retreats and courses over the past 20 years, but in the last 10 years I have become far more discerning.  I don’t remember the last retreat I went on, in large part because I have become disillusioned with the amount of teachers who either put themselves on a pedestal or try to convince me that their particular system is the only way forward.
But being with you was an utter joy from start to finish.  I have no doubt as to the depth of your knowledge and wisdom, but really appreciated that you happily had your texts present or would confess to not being sure of something.  I loved your authenticity, your compassion, humour and above all your openness to channel whatever needed to come through.  I could go on, but suffice it to say that you allowed people to receive exactly what was needed – and that is a rare and beautiful quality.
Thank you so much.  I feel more centred and grounded and that I have more clarity – not that I know where I am going/ what I will be doing in the future – but clarity in the moment – something I didn’t even know I was missing.
You are a wonderful teacher.    Hopefully, I will be lucky enough to work with you again.
Summer Solstice Retreat 2019