Peace in the Park

Outdoor Yoga/Meditation

Weather Permitting


From June 2021


Don’t freak out – get yourself to the Park instead for some outdoor Kundalini Yoga & Meditation on Mother Earth and inhale the sweet fresh Air (better than the gym for sure)

  •  60-75mins 
  • bring mat/towel/blanket, water, cushion if you need one to sit on, water, hat etc
  • it can get cooler depending on the weather so bring layers
  • use 1 or your 5 class pass OR £15 casual
  • by attending you are confirming you have read the Terms & Conditions here
  • classes will vary in how dynamic/gentle depending on the time of day/weather/your energy level (so do what you can on the day) but will ususally include relaxation & meditation


Join me on Signal App Park Group here for the most up to date information, how to find me, or any class cancellations for outdoor classes in:

Dulwich Park

Belair Park (West Dulwich)

Norwood Park (West Norwood/Gipsy Hill)

PLEASE ARRIVE SO WE CAN START ON TIME especially if you don’t know the spot

Your classes are my favourite and every week you seem to tune in to the areas that most need help. My life is so much better since I took up yoga and I am very grateful for all you do.

 Other yoga classes are ok but with yours I feel like I learn more about my body from the inside out. It’s a whole new concept for me and I’m like a sponge every week, sucking up all this new information.
I also like the spiritual side of your classes. I was only saying to one of the other ladies this morning that if I were Prime Minister, I would make your classes compulsory. I think the world would be a kinder, calmer place. X