The Rose Temple Retreat: Spring Equinox

March 17th to 19th (non-residential)

£200 (1 space left as of 13th March)

This retreat is for you if you need to RECHARGE, REBALANCE and REBIRTH around this potent time of year.

We will experience…

✨Nature connection & ceremonies (the earth grid is especially potent here)

✨Energy activations & purifications with sacred toning/sounds/Light Language in communion with the  stunning power of the Lands & Waters of Avalon

✨Meditation✨Light Kundalini Yoga/Breathwork

✨Sacred Song & Silence, Mantras from various lineages

⭕️ Womb Wisdom & Healing

✨Guided & organic movement

✨Alchemy sound healing (voice, shamanic drum, koshi chimes)

✨Integration & grounding Practices


Nourish yourself with …

  •  An intimate retreat created for the women who are coming, by an experienced retreat & space holder who regularly visits Glastonbury (I’m drawn here very powerfully).
  • An immersion into the magical energy and sacred land of Glastonbury/Avalon, which is also considered the Heart Chakra of the Earths’s energy centres and the re-emergence of the honouring of the Goddess or Deep Feminine energy to help Re-store balance to each of us and this planet.
  • Guided visits & ceremonies/ meditations/ activations in the Goddess House rooms (Saturday morning & Sunday morning), Chalice Well Gardens, White Springs (a sacred well house for bathing & ritual), Glastonbury Tor (where 2 major leylines cross), Mary Magdalene Chapel
  • Nature walk & mandala making
  • Connection & laughs with other lovely women.
  • Breaks for lunch/ shopping (eg apothecaries for herbs, candles, oils etc Crystal shops!!)



Retreats are a powerful opportunity to mark transitions like the Equinoxes or Solstices, plus:

✨Realign with your Heart to find clarity & hear your Truth on important decisions

✨Make sacred connections with each other and the elements.

✨Find your mojo again- the joy of being alive again… to create, to sing, to move, to LIVE!

✨Space to pause & honour as you mark an important transition in life eg a birthday, and ending or beginning that feels significant  (relationships, jobs, your hormone cycle etc)

Recovering from something challenging and would like to feel reborn (the White spring is VERY powerful for this).




Please Note: maximum of 6 women (only 1 space left)


All Activities above.

Program begins at 4.30pm Friday, finishes approximately 4pm Sunday.


Glastonbury Retreat March 17-19th (full price payment)

Full price payment

A registration form will be sent out +  the draft program/accommodation info (you can request in advance)


If there are any problems with the payment buttons please use these instead – for the full price payment 


Accommodation: please get in touch as there is possibly space in the accomodation others have already booked, otherwise some other recommendations can be offered or you can feel free to explore the many airbnb options in Glastonbury to find the right budget & space that suits you.

Food: retreatees can share meals at lovely cafes or bring/pack something for yourself. Optional meal together on Saturday night.

Entrance to Chalice Well: £5

Please get in touch if you have any questions.

I will do my best to help connect you with others for travel or sharing accommodation.


Please know that you will be lovingly held and transformed by this weekend.

A general level of physical fitness is required for the outdoor walking parts, but otherwise no other requirements – just show up, be yourself, and let the magic happen. 

 The women who come are anywhere from there mid 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and 60 +… and you will meet other fab women if coming on your own.


I would highly recommend Natalie.

My experience was profound and very deep. 

She holds the space with such beautiful energy and strong feminine quality. 

She facilitated a beautiful water ritual in the White Springs, and I had a magical womb blessing with sound and light language, so very powerful, it felt like every cell in my body was being activated.

(private sessions July 2022)


Sound Healer, the gong whisperer

 Natalie, I just wanted to say a very special and personal thank you for a weekend (Glastonbury 2019) which has touched me profoundly in many ways, and which has helped me to find greater courage and sense of purpose. You made it all happen and facilitated everything with such a good-humoured and light touch so that I felt really comfortable and happy. Thank you, thank you. All love. 


The amazing weekend that we spent together in June (Glastonbury 20220 was a truly a joy, and for me a life changing experience. I can’t thank you enough for the friendship and kindness and care that you have always shown us all. I couldn’t of opened up without the warmth of the safe space that you create. Such brilliant memories, from the chanting of the kirtan and the singing on the Tor to the ceremony in the white spring… it was just awesome.  


My experience after the bespoke retreat in June 2022 was one of deep surprise in what was to happen next …

As the month passed after the retreat I felt a sense of inner power, courage and fearlessness like no other time in my entire life .

I also felt like letting go of what was no longer serving me after a powerful card drawn in one of our meditation sessions.It was the most powerful card in the Deck  and I felt deeply privileged to have drawn it (related to letting go of what is no longer serving you, giving energy to something you need to let go of that is not healthy).

I shocked myself and for once made a bold decision for early retirement as my job in forensics was very stressful, I knew this is what I needed to do.

Clarity came after the retreat. The clearing we had done had released the blocks in me. But there was a sense of total courage, a deeper knowing never felt before, I have been speaking out and protecting the other women at work. I felt this was my core purpose before finally leaving it behind .

I am sure the strength and feminine power revived in all the deep rituals Natalie so professionally put together had some influence in how was able to stand up in my power .

It is wonderful, and I am stronger each day building on the last …Thank you, Natalie … highly recommend the experience.

It’s the best decision I have made.


Forensic Officer

🥰 it feels like a dream …. Thank u again … so many insights and moments of bliss …. Thank you so so much, simply amazing.

Denise (June 2022)

Absolutely agree. What a privilege to spend these days together. Thank you again Natalie for all the love and care and attention you put into creating this very special retreat. 💗 Magical. 

Jane (June 2022)

Thank you for your kindness, compassion & presence throughout the amazing journey you have guided us through, with love & gratitude.

Tracey (June 2022)

Can’t stop thinking and telling my friends about the weekend in Avalon !😃 and soo many things have happened since then & I am feeling full of energy!🤩☀️✨🌕 

 (September 2021)