I believe Yoga is revolutionary – it is inviting you to listen to your Self rather than the external rules you have been conditioned to follow – that say you should be this, have this, do this, look this way, or feel this way.  It is an invitation to listen to your Soul or Sat Nam (True Identity) that knows the path your heart truly desires.

Do you want to:
  • Find out who you really are and connect to your true source of happiness?
  • Become increasingly healthy, strong and radiant as you get older?
  • Take charge of your emotional balance with simple tools and let go of the old patterns running your life and deal with difficult relationships with grace?
  • Feel Beautiful, Blissful and Bountiful rather than stressed, depressed or confused?

Then please join me in a Yoga class or in my Choose YourSelf, Change Your Life Coaching System, at the Radiant Woman Bliss Retreat in May, or clear negativity and find clarity with a Shamanic Cacao Ceremony on Sat Feb 25th.

You will have the tools from Kundalini Yoga to create health, happiness and wholeness by using simple breath work , postures, sound and meditation. And it is all accessible to beginners and more experienced yogis.

woman yinyang lotusI run open mixed gender and abilities classes, Radiant Woman immersions, retreats and holidays.

I love putting on events that are a mix of yoga, sound healing/gong baths, mantra/singing/chanting and more – see here for what’s next in special events.

I love working with women (and men – please come to general classes/events!!). I want to help you remember and experience yourself as a truly Radiant Woman with the miraculous power to create not only new life (if you choose to) but your whole life – and make a real difference in this world at the same time. Just by choosing to care about yourself enough to feel happy, truly happy, by living from your heart and soul. And not by trying to live someone else’s ideas for your life.

If would like any stress management workshops for your workplace or for staff conferences please get in touch. I’ve done this for the last 3-4 years with Thames Reach, a homeless charity, and they love it!

A little background:

I started my journey in yoga 20 + years ago and more recently with Kundalini Yoga, and I love it! I love how it has led me into singing mantras, playing the gong and teaching yoga in the park on a summer’s day.

I am a Level 1 Certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher (qualifying in 2012 and teaching full time since then), have started my Level 2 modules, and have also intensively studied Classical Hatha Yoga (all apart from the exam which I was not ready for 15 years ago!).

I am currently studying Yoga Therapy with Guru Dharam.

I have a daily practice of  Yoga and Meditation.

My studies have also included a Science & Pyschology degree, a stint as a Cognitive Hypnotherapist, using NLP, various coaching models and frameworks, massage and other tactile therapies, and auricular acupuncture.  Much of my previous working career has been supporting disadvantaged young people with multiple and complex issues including being in the care system, substance use and mental health problems.

I also briefly made futons (in Melbourne), was a golf caddy in Japan, and have always been passionate about caring for the Earth.

Contact me for a free phone consultation to see if we are a match, or contact me for more information on packages I offer (for men, women & groups).

Sat Nam (I honor the Truth of your identity, which is the same as mine and makes us one)

Natalie Fishwick/Dev Sujjan

Level 1 Instructor Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan (I-SKY school), Member of KYTA (Kundalini Yoga Teachers Assoc)

BSc (Hons), Post Grad Dip Psychology, Dip Cog Hypnotherapy, New Code & Classic NLP Practitioner, Access Bars Practitioner, Motivational Interviewing Practitioner Level 1 &2; Gong Healing Level 1 & 2; Mantra Yoga University with Yogi Amandeep Singh


Insured by DCS for : –

Yoga & Meditation Instruction;

Gong Healing;

Access Bars;

Life Coach Skills