“Reclaim Your Happiness” – Online Meditation Circle


The energy of a new year and decade is upon us.


What will be your foundation?


Will it be peace, happiness, resilience, mental equilibrium? Or freak out, feeling out of control, hopeless, reactive, despairing? Living with that constant background fear or anxiety?


The energetic new year is beginning on Jan 22nd and part of the focus is about creating more structures that support us internally (and externally) – as the old structures start to dissolve. We are in a major transition period in our world and it is to be swept away by panic or negativity if we have no foundations or roots to keep us stable.


As each of us is more able to ride the storm of changes with greater peace and happiness, this is reflected in our environments. Research confirms this – when groups meditate or feel peaceful/loving, it reduced crime rates significantly in the surrounding area. The yogis and now the scientists are showing that we are One field of energy or Consciousness, which means what each of us does affects the whole, including our family, our workplace, our community and so on. We don’t have to make other people change – just focus on yourself!


Meditating together is generally easier and is also exponential in its impact – even online, and just with 1 or 2 more than yourself. This is something that people have told me during some of the Facebook lives I’ve done and certainly experienced for myself.


**My definition of Happiness –  a long-lasting deep-seated sense of peace independent of circumstances.


This Meditation Circle is for you if you want to:


  • Feel more peaceful, resilient (bounce back quicker aftershocks), mental equilibrium ie **Happier!!
  • Reduce your stress/anxiety/blood pressure levels
  • Be more patient & kinder
  • Sleep better
  • Improve your brain/cognitive/memory functioning
  • Give yourself mental space from overthinking/negative thinking
  • Connect with your Inner guidance/Higher Self
  • Try out different types of meditation and choose ones to continue with that resonate for you
  • Know how/when to meditate or be inspired to continue a regular meditation practice
  • Know how to use the spare minutes you do have during the day to meditate/clear your mind
  • Move and release tension from your body (but not in a full-on yoga class) before meditating (which you can also use during your day to reduce tension)
  • Connect with people but not have to leave home
  • Create more peace and in the world by creating peace within


Please note: This is suitable for beginners or more experienced meditators and will be tailored to the group needs.


What will be included?


  • 4 Wednesday evenings beginning Jan 29th, 7.45-8.45pm (then Feb 5, 12, 26th)
  • Each session will include breathing techniques, simple warm-ups, a variety of different meditations from the Kundalini Yoga tradition (eg silent, with or without mantras, breath focussed/visualizations).
  • An opportunity to check-in and ask questions.
  • A recording of the session – so if you miss the class or want to redo it you can download to your computer.
  • An experienced teacher and practitioner of meditation who provides a supportive and safe space to learn.
  • Support to craft your own meditation practice to carry on with.


“I enjoy your teaching style which brings a light touch and sense of humour to the class alongside focus and concentration.” Rachel (Meditation Course at JAGS sports club)


What do you need?


  • An internet connection, laptop or phone to use Zoom online meeting (you will be sent a simple link to download zoom, and a link to click and join- I will also be there early on day 1 to help you join if you are a bit unsure)
  • A reasonably quiet space to sit quietly (chair, floor) where you won’t be interrupted
  • A reasonably empty stomach (eat early or have a light snack)


Booking & Payment:


The investment is £60 (+bf £2.10)


Please pay via PayPal link below to confirm your place. Bookings will close on Wednesday Jan 29th at 1pm.


You will be contacted with the Zoom link, reminder details and a registration form (to help me tailor it) link via your Paypal email address so please make sure it is up to date.


(Please contact me if you don’t have Paypal).


Here’s some feedback from previous meditation sessions on FB live:

“Another lovely meditation – absolutely hit the spot!

“Great tips tonight! Just what I needed!”

“Wow Natalie, thank you for that. Amazing felt so lifted it was like a massive, virtual hug. ❤”

“Thanks so much again Natalie – loved igniting my creativity!! already looking forward to next Monday.”

“that went fast! feel blissful thanks so much 🙏🌈💕 xx”

“Just what I needed 🙏.. thanks so much Sat Nam xxx”

“Didn’t think I was angry at all until halfway through the arm swinging!  Feel so delightfully calm, content and loving xx Sat nam and thank you xx”

“That was awesome, thank you so much Natalie, the theme of steadiness really hit the spot for me and was really feeling the love tonight with everyone, thanks to the whole group 💖”

“I’ve been listening on the way into work 🤗 I really like it (the mantra)❤”

Have you done stupid things when you’re really stressed?

(I’ll assume it’s a yes 🙂

Well that’s because within 7 minutes of cortisol (a stress response hormone) being released you lose 40-50% of your IQ!!!

Higher cortisol is also linked with increased risk of many cancers, it destroys your hormone profile which is related to weight gain and about 80% of disease is a result of stress-related factors.

And life isn’t going to get less stressful anytime soon unless you shut yourself off in a cave. Which is fine if that’s what you really want to do.

Why am I telling you this? To stress you out more?

No. Just to give you a chance to join me and learn some great tools to reset the nervous system to handle stress better, and change the way you look at stress so that you can change the biochemistry to one that actually elicits a boost to your body– including a hormone that protects your brain (vs cortisol that l is like an acid bath), puts on lean muscle mass, makes bones stronger and makes cortisol go down.

And you don’t need to do any tricky yoga postures. But we will do some simple warm ups that you can do on a chair to help make the meditations more powerful and keep your spine flexible and young.

Please feel free to message me if you have any questions.

For the first session…

Did you know that most of us barely breathe enough for basic health? So, we will breath so much prana/chi/ki into our selves that we will be flying high in session 1…

The first meditation I have planned is super calming and wonderful for the “Negative Mind”.

We need it’s protective functions – like “hey, don’t walk on the road now” – but this meditation will help with those persistent unwanted negative thoughts that drain us and make us feel depressed. 

In 3 minutes you will be so chilled…

So if you feel a bit overloaded and overstimulated with those kinds of thoughts (and many people on the planet are) please join me.

If you have ANY questions please get in touch.

Reclaim Your Happiness (without leaving your cosy home) in the online meditation circle starting on Wednesday 29th Jan,2020 for 4 Wednesdays at 7.45pm (Feb 5th, 12th, 26th).

Bookings close this Sunday 26th at 10 pm