Kundalini Yoga for Beginners

I teach a Kundalini Yoga Beginners Class at JAGS gym in North Dulwich on a Saturday morning and we recorded some short “How to” videos. The first one has just come out in their newsletter and it’s proving pretty popular.

Frogs are a great for lots of things including:

  • improved circulation, so it’s perfect for anyone who suffers with cold hands and feet
  • getting you energised for the day ahead
  • improving the lymphatic system which detoxes the body and boosts immunity
  • helping you release tension from a stressful day and get to sleep – so try some before bed if you have insomnia or keep waking up
  • balancing your sexual energy

Enjoy 🙂

See you at  JAGS gym – Saturday 8.45-10am or please see here for my other classes around East Dulwich & West Dulwich as well as lovely Retreats, Special Community Events and Women’s Coaching.

With Love

Dev Sujjan/Natalie