How can we ride the current energy waves to greater freedom and expression of our Truest nature?

It is easy to be distracted by the external storylines, even more so now as it is so dramatic and polarised. But what would you truly, deeply, like to focus on? Expand? Create? Nurture?

Take some time out to return to your centre and nourish the deep feminine creative and nourishing energies within, giving us a strong foundation as we move onwards in the bridging year of 2021.

In this retreat we will have space for a:

-Sharing circle (as above, a powerful experience to listen with our hearts, speak from your truth)

•Some gentle yoga stretches

•Information and Meditation/Kriya to Connect to the Numerology of 2021 (in relation to the 10 bodies energy model in Kundalini Yoga)

•Guided deep relaxation/ Songs/Drumming

•Prompted journaling

•Tea – Chai recipe (or ready made and where to find it – for the sharing circle)

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* If you are having abundance issues please adjust the amount to what you can exchange for the retreat.