*replay available if you can’t make it or prefer to do another day

Let’s get together to plant and nourish the seeds that are the frequency of Divine Love, Compassion, Peace & whatever Lights YOUR DIVINE INNER CHILD Up – so that we can be in the flow of the great rebirth that is happening.

As we approach the shortest day on the 21st, we pause at this point to set the focus for the coming days, months, and years.

The Great Conjunction, which is Jupiter & Saturn aligning, also happens the same day of the Winter Solstice (Dec. 21st) AT 0 degrees of Aquarius representing a NEW START & NEW PARADIGM.

This isn’t just a powerful day astrologically, it is also the convergence of many other systems as foretold in Hopi and other indigenous prophecies.

AND according to some, the Return of the Feminine Christ and the frequency of Mary Magdalene to the Earth in 2021. This is exactly 800 years since the prophecy in 1321 that the Cathars (followers of Mary Magdalene) would return to the Earth.

This portal is a MAJOR Galactic Upgrade of Earth & Consciousness ~ the Great Rebirth of Humanity and each of us is an important part of it.

You will feel reborn!

This gathering will include:

-Warm up + seated re-birth type of kundalini kriya ( to experience our Authentic Self in full expression – to give a sense of confidence, of well-being, and a clear, bright, and radiant face :))
-Deep Relaxation
-Time for reflection
-Oracle cards

* please note that if you are having financial difficulties then please pay what you can at paypal.me/nataliefishwick

*please get in touch if you have questions at info@nataliefishwick.com