All Welcome (beginners included)


Summer Solstice and New Moon energy will be harnessed in this lovely program. 

We will start with some breath work,  a short warm up/stretch for the body, followed by a Relaxing and Healing Gong Bath (lying down) to rejuvenate your mind and body, and a Meditation to harmonise the mind. We will do some Osho Zen Tarot Cards (these indicate what is happening now for us and simple advice on transcending it) and connect with each other before leaving.

Beginners Welcome

Please bring: mat, blanket, some eye covers provided (if no mat, please contact me to book one)

The gong is a powerful reset button for your whole energy system, which will clear and balance the mental, emotional and physical components nourished by this energy. I should also have a new 

(For those on benefits or low income please contact me directly to agree on a reduced fee)