All Welcome – We will be in the CRYPT


Come along and bring your friends and family.

Let us celebrate the Light & Life together at this special time of year.

Summer Solstice energy will be harnessed in this lovely program. We all have stuff to release and rebalance from the body/mind, and this combination of offerings is powerful and even more so at this time of year. What do you want to release? What do you want to integrate from the last 6 months so you are ready to move forward? What energy & inspiration do you need next to let Life unfold with ease & Joy?

We will start with a Kundalini Yoga Kriya (set of postures) to open up your healing energy, leaving you feeling Chilled Out & Blissed Out; followed by a Gong Bath (lying down) to retune you to your original Self, and a Beautiful Group Meditation. The last half hour or so is for connecting with your inner guidance via an Osho Zen Tarot Card ((these indicate what is happening now for us and simple advice on transcending the ego mind) and connect with each other before leaving/flying home.

THE GONG: The gong is a powerful reset button for your whole energetic system, which will clear and balance the mental, emotional and physical components nourished by this energy.

Beginners – just do what you can and visualise the rest.

Please bring: mat, blanket, some eye covers provided (if no mat, please contact me to book one)

Payment: paypal via meetup (just join now) or go to OR pay CASH at the door. If you normally come Tuesday night and have a class class you can just pay the difference (9 quid) on the night.

(For those on benefits or low income please contact me directly to agree on a reduced fee)