Where are we operating from? From our inner Author -ity/ Heart compass? The throne of our inner Self/Queendom. Or Fear and outdated mental patterns?

We have the Summer Solstice on 20th June.

We will prepare for this gateway on the 18th June when Mercury goes retrograde.

Unusually there will be 6 planets in retrograde between the 18th &25th June – Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, and Pluto so it’s brilliant time for reassessing, realigning, revising and catalysing the changes required internally before moving forward in alignment with your Heart & Soul.

Why? When we are aligned things can flow through us more gracefully and we can experience greater peace and prosperity. Instead of pushing sh*t uphill which is a lot less fun.

The day that planets shift gear is generally advised as a good time to stay still ie on the 18th of June for Mercury, the planet of communication, business, travel & technology.

You will be sent a recording so you can repeat the set on the Summer Solstice, or if you can’t make it to the live session, along with ideas for your own Solstice ritual.

We will be using various tools of alchemy and awareness to help us throw off stress from the previous 6 months and come back to our natural home and throne of True Power within this body.

To give you a flavour there will be:
– creating a sacred space together
– powerful mantras that helpt to call on our inner light and open the gateways to our Soul purpose and Magnetise what is on that path/Repel what is not
– gentle stretches to connect with the body temple
– a (seated) kundalini kriya to release tension, release old patterns, help us to see clearly and access our reserve energy, creativity and sexual energy.
– guided meditation/visualisation/deep relaxation for purification and connecting with your true throne of power
– Solstice ritual for anything you would like to call forth for the coming 6 months

Sliding scale – £22/33

OR donate if you are not able to offer the above or want to offer more. Guidance given on the ticket link.

Plenty of time with eyes closed to rest your eyeballs too 🙂