*2 spaces have come up – please pay via link if you intend to come and if there is an overbooking I will return the payment by 10am Jan 11th so you will know if you’ve missed out, at the latest.
* The event is now WOMEN ONLY

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2020 Rebirth Urban Day Retreat – All Welcome

Investment £66 + bf (if you need to pay installments please message me at info@nataliefishwick.com, or would like to do BACS/pay cash at class)

– Kundalini Rebirthing Kriya (clear subconscious mental/emotional baggage).

– Cacao Ceremony with Sound Medicine Journey (Shamanic drum, Paiste gong and more) – receive Clarity, Open your Heart & Listen to It’s Guidance, Receive the Greatest Intention for your Life this coming Year.

– Food included – vegetarian/vegan warm food – ground & nourish you before floating home 🙂

The cosmic energies are shifting us into a NEW Paradigm. This is already happening and on Sunday 12th January there is a turning point. There will be a shift that in the past has changed world power dynamics. As within, as without. The deeply fractured systems of power cannot be ignored anymore. But what will we collectively and individually choose to put in the vacuum created as we shift? More fear? More greed? Or will it be something new? Something visionary?

So let’s be ready, be clear, and ride the waves for a positive change. Let us recognise and release our own shadows and lead with our Highest Heart based visions.

We begin with some warms ups for the body, then move into a seated Kundalini Yoga “rebirthing” kriya. These are designed to release the storehouse of subconscious conditioning and patterns in the nervous system that we gather in the womb and into the first decade or so of life.. We sit with legs crossed and most of the work is done with the hands, arms, voice and the playing of specific music and or the Gong which moves blocked Prana/Life Force Energy.

We then move into the heart of the retreat – the Ceremony – using the power of Cacao as a plant medicine that is here to help us open our hearts and come back into inner and outer planetary harmony. This involves a sharing circle (up to you what/how much you say), Oracle Cards, connecting with each other, drinking hot Cacao, laying down and being guided on an inner shamanic journey.

This can include connecting with your spirit animal, clearing ancestral patterns/contracts, and receiving your Heart/Soul guidance for any part of your life. There will be a Sound journey using a shamanic drum, the Paiste Gong, songs and more. You just relax…

This is really about finding your own wisdom and power.

These 2 parts (rebirthing kriya and ceremony) together create a very powerful effect.

We then eat some tasty, nourishing and warming vegetarian/vegan food together.


Natalie is an experienced UK (London) based Kundalini yoga and meditation teacher with over a 1000 teaching hours. She loves teaching, playing the gong, studying yoga therapy, and going deeper into the transformational teachings of Kundalini yoga. She loves doing personal and group rituals & ceremonies and regularly holds Shamanic/Sound/Cacao Ceremonies in London, after experiencing Cacao in 2013. She has also received Shamanic Rites/Activations from the Quecha tradition and Shaktipat Energetic Transmissions from the Indian/Yogic lineage.

She also runs a women’s coaching program and has set up a local Red Tent women’s circle. She is interested in awakening to the Truth of who we are and letting the Divine take the Lead in practical ways, and helping others stay sane in times of massive change.

Please read T&C’s : https://nataliefishwick.com/terms-conditions/

You will be emailed via your paypal email address for a reminder of where/what and how to prepare, and aftercare (probably not to go out raving after :))