The Heart is a bridge from our lower chakras or animal self, to the higher charkas or angelic self.

We are in a transition to a Heart-Centred World, re-building a connection to our wholeness and breaking out of the mind matrix of the last 2000 years.

We are Awakening to the deep wisdom and intelligence of the Heart, the capacity to love. which is to see the innocence of the other, that in essence, we are all One – regardless of the mind’s arbitrary boundaries (also know as thoughts/beliefs).

It is the cultivation of the courage to be You, the real You. Warts and all. Not the one you think you need to be for approval or to be”loved”.

We are blessed with many opportunities on a personal, national and global scale to try and see beyond the polarities of right and wrong and to see our common humanity and origin.

Please join me to cultivate the power of the Heart….

*Take some time out for your own self-care and nourishment.

*Connect with other Beings in Real Life and remember that you are not alone (the virtual world is great but no replacement for the real human interactions :))

* We will explore what we have been innocently mistaking for real love, and instead identify and OPEN ourselves up to experiencing true unconditional love in all our relationships

*Move the body and heal & open the Heart with Kundalini yoga and Meditation.

*Suitable for all levels (easier variations given where needed or Visualise the posture instead)

* Includes a couple of Short and Simple partner exercises to experience the expansion of the Heart energy (no partner required, bring one if they want to come – you can take home some of the practices to share with anyone/everyone you want to deepen your connection with).

* Experience a deeply healing Gong (ie Sound Healing) Bath — a powerful way to clear the wounds in the emotional and mental bodie which create barriers to allowing in Real Love.

* Enjoying a heart warming and yummy spiced tea (no caffeine or dairy) Chai & Bliss Cake (chocolate torte – sugar free, dairy free and my friend reckons “BEST VEGAN CAKE EVER’)

*Feel restored, nourished and open to Loving yourSelf and others MORE unconditionally.

All welcome, beginners included.

Natalie is an experienced UK (London) based Kundalini yoga and meditation teacher with over a 1000 teaching hours/8years. She loves teaching, playing the gong, studying yoga therapy, and going deeper into the transformational teachings of Kundalini yoga. She loves doing personal and group rituals & ceremonies and regularly holds Shamanic/Sound/Cacao Ceremonies in London, after experiencing Cacao in 2013. She has also received Shamanic Rites/Activations from the Quecha tradition and Shaktipat Energetic Transmissions from the Indian/Yogic lineage.

She also runs a women’s 1:1 program and has set up a local Red Tent women’s circle. She is interested in awakening to the Truth of who we are and letting the Divine take the Lead in practical ways, and helping others stay sane in times of massive change.

She is also just a regular human being, with her ups and downs, doing her best to let the Heart guide the Head.

Please read T&C’s :

You will be emailed via your paypal email address for a reminder of where/what and how to prepare, and aftercare (probably not to go out raving after :))


– Yoga mat, blanket for relaxation, refillable water bottle
– EYE MASK for gong bath (but I will bring some if you don’t have)
-Pen & paper if you like to journal or take notes
– Something small for the Love Altar to charge up or as an offering (eg a crystal, photo, statue, some kind of offering that represents love to you)

-STARTS AT 1PM so please ARRIVE by 12.45pm