By donation, via Zoom (camera on or off)
*Bookings close 4pm Friday.

I’ve been enjoying holding Women’s Awakening Circles that bring together many threads of the things I love. If you feel the urge, please join me…


Being in the human form is tricky at the best of times, but now we have a massive shift happening. So we are having to process a lot of our stuff. So we need a good rest/reset.

We can do this by falling deeply into the radiant darkness of the New Moon where the void can hold us and rebirth us into the new.

It’s also time to be guided by the inner knowing/higher Self to navigate these new waters, and that requires us to slow down first so that we can tune into it.

This Friday the New Moon is at 18.39pm, so if you feel the urge please join me for what will be a meditative and deeply nourishing reset.

You will feel rejuvenated and ready for whatever is next.

You can book/pay £10 below on paypal OR something via the donation button on this Link

You will be sent a zoom link and instructions to join (how to prepare yourself/the room for a sacred journey) after payment.

Bookings close 4pm Friday 22nd May.

Awakening Circles:
We will be using a some of these tools:
* guided journeys
* kundalini yoga meditations/kriyas
* gentle movements
* breath work
* laying down
*mantras or songs
*energy transmissions
*shamanic drumming

…for connecting and reclaiming more deeply the Feminine qualities and natural powers of intuition, creativity, receptivity, emotional ease and connection to the flow of life.

Why? So that we can love, be loved, thrive, create, enjoy, inspire, be inspired and revel in Creation.

Some feedback:
“As a first-timer to the circle, I was inspired by the safety and warmth that was co-created within the group. I felt able to relax into the meditations and was surprised and delighted by what I discovered. I experienced my old and unkind feelings shift into acceptance and unconditional love and felt energised and renewed from taking the time to go so deeply within. I loved the drumming too!”