LONDON: Celebrate International Women’s Day with Kundalini Yoga/Re-Birthing, Gong, Shamanic Drum, Meditations, Chai Tea & Tasty Treat & More!

You have a female body for this incarnation. So how do you honour and love this beautiful gift? Come and be reminded of your Beauty, Grace & Power as a woman in this mini-retreat.

Remind yourself of how amazing you truly are, so that you can affect and uplift everyone around you just by being YOU.

In case you haven’t noticed yet, it is impossible to live by the mind’s insane conditioning anymore (look around or inside), so take some time out to listen to the quiet murmurings of the heart and then take inspired action. This is the rebalancing of the feminine energy.

It’s hard to hear this above the programming we have received from birth (I’m not enough, I’m too much etc).

So we will do these wonderful nourishing and clearing activities to bring us home to the heart centre:

– Sharing Circle where you bring whatever is on your plate, saying as little or as much as you need to. NO advice, just being heard. You don’t have to say anything if you choose not to – being a witness and listening is powerful in itself.

– Stretches and shaking meditation to wake up the body and let old energy/emotions be released

– a short powerful Rebirthing Kriya (seated) to clear out the energetic patterns of the subconscious mind.

– Sound Healing & Deep Relaxation – laying down and receiving the healing sounds of the Gong and Shamanic Drum

– How to do Abhyanga massage – an Indian Ayurvedic massage that will bring deep nourishment and connection to your beautiful body vehicle.

– Time to reflect on 1 thing to bring into Action for your Self Care this year.

– Fresh Chai Tea and tasty treat.

– If time, and you are inspired please bring a poem to share of yours or someone else’s to celebrate being a Woman this incarnation.

– A Tarot Card for the road…

I look forward to Being with you, Love Natalie X

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Investment: £40

WHO: Suitable for all levels – women only

PLEASE BRING: mat/water/blanket for relaxation/ something for the altar eg crystal​ or something to connect with the women in your ancestry or generally

Natalie is an experienced UK (London) based Kundalini yoga and meditation teacher with over a 1000 teaching hours. She loves teaching, playing the gong, studying yoga therapy, and going deeper into the profound and transformational teachings of Kundalini yoga. She is interested in rituals & ceremonies and regularly holds Shamanic/Sound/Cacao Ceremonies in London. She also runs a women’s coaching program and has set up a local Red Tent women’s circle. She is interested in awakening to the Truth of who we are and dropping our neuroses, fears and feelings of “not enough”. for more events/retreats/ceremonies