Hello Beautiful,

Please join me to bring loving attention to your body, release what is held in it, and become more open to Love & Joy… with ceremony, movement/dance, meditative/rebirth kundalini yoga kriya/set and some relaxation.

Please note: The movement and rebirth kriya will be at your own pace/energy and ability levels. The rebirth sets are mainly seated with arm and hands/mudras and mantra sounds to reset the nervous system and open the heart energy.

You will be invited to:
– to connect with your body and get out of your thinking mind
-be open to what wants to be released
-have a ceremonial Cacao drink before the session, if you have access to it, and would like to for this or my next event (my usual “keith’s Cacao” UK supplier has closed their business, but I used to get a different one from herehttps://ritualcacao.co.uk/shop/tsatsayaku-ceremonial-grade-cacao). Ceremonial cacao is a heart-opening plant medicine
– show up with whatever is on your plate (physically, mentally, emotionally) -all of it and you are welcome.
These words from Guru Rattana resonated for me –
“As we move through 2021, the energy for radical change is intensified. 2021 supports us and demands, breaking free from the past, releasing conditioning, fears, and beliefs that keep us snarled in behaviors, mindsets, and energies that no longer serve us.” Guru Rattana

This Sunday’s Full Moon session is supported in this release –

“On March 28 Venus joins (is conjunct) Chiron at 8° Aries. Our Chiron healing process involves becoming aware of wounds that have been hiding or suppressed in our subconscious. To release old pain and traumas, we have to first acknowledge and accept that they exist. Venus conjunct Chiron is about repairing wounds of the heart, which brings to the surface repressed feelings and emotions.” Guru Rattana

I know I am really noticing my old patterns of “not loveable” coming up to be felt, and healed. And how it has kept me isolated, even before 2020 :). So yeah!! let’s break the chains that bind us and build this new Aquarian paradigm together.

BOOK HERE: Please use the donation button here (£25 OR by donation of what you can/feels aligned) to book and I will send preparation info (including what to do with the Cacao if you are choosing that) and link a day or so before the gathering.