Women's Awakening Circle

When? Thursdays at 8.08pm until 9.30pm (ish).

Dates: April 23rd (New Moon) & 30th

May 7th (Full Moon) & 14th

You will be sent a zoom link and instructions to join. It will be recorded and forwarded if you give prior notice that you can't make a session.

This will be a closed group for the 4 weeks.

Bookings CLOSE: April 23rd, 6pm

We will be using a variety of tools from guided visualization, kundalini yoga meditations/kriyas, movements, laying down, mantras or songs, silence, self-inquiry or simple tools that can be used in between sessions for connecting and reclaiming more deeply the Feminine qualities and natural powers of intuition, creativity, receptivity, emotional ease and connection to the flow of life.

Why? So that we can love, be loved, thrive, create, enjoy, inspire, be inspired and revel in Creation.

This is an experiment, a journey, a play, Join me if you are up for something new.

From April 16th open session:

"Thank you so much for last night.  It was incredibly powerful for me and very much what I need at this time." Lorraine


"Natalie held a beautiful space of openness and allowing at the Women's Circle this evening. Being a facilitator for women's gatherings myself it was a lovely gift to be able to be held and gently guided by Natalie's welcoming and gentle presence and to let go into that. 
Meditations and guidance were offered but there was also a real encouragement to follow our own flow within that. I love this kind of permission, it makes me feel very free to really be as I am and follow the wisdom within, at the same time being supported by the structures of the activities/guidance and the container of the circle. 
Feeling good and connected now and inspired to allow all that wants to flow through creatively from this lovely womanly place! 
Loads of love, "
L xxxx