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Cacao Ceremonies 

Cacao (raw chocolate) is a powerful plant medicine that is specially prepared for ceremonial use to to help us reconnect with our inner wisdom, get clarity, find peace, and release any energy blockages. An indigenous myth tells that when the balance between humans and nature becomes threatened, Cacao comes from the rainforest to open people’s hearts and return the planet to harmony. Using guided visualization, sound (shamanic drumming and gong healing) you will have space to connect with the wisdom of the Cacao plant and your Heart. It can help –

  • Clear emotional blocks and release stress
  • Let go of past relationships
  • Understand yourself better and receive guidance on where to go/what to do next
  • Connect with your creativity

Cautions: Our Cacao is prepared especially for ceremony and comes from the Ashaninka tribes of Peru or from Guatemala, from Keith the Chocolate Shaman (the original !).

It is safe to drink however Cacao is not suitable for anyone with chocolate or nut allergies, heart conditions or anyone taking SSRI anti-depressant medication.

Smaller doses are recommended if you are pregnant or if you are fasting or sensitive to plant medicines



Private or 1:1 Cacao Ceremonies

If you are having a special occasion or going through a personal transition, a private group or 1:1 ceremony can be arranged. Please contact me if you would like to discuss further details.

Public Cacao Ceremonies

These are held semi-regularly in Forest Hill. Please join the mailing list or the meetup group to hear about any upcoming ceremonies. These small group sessions are around 4 hours.

It usually involves a heart-opening sharing circle, some light physical movement/stretches, breathing, intention setting, guided visualisation with Sound Medicine (Gong/Sound Bath & Shamanic Drumming).

Another world is not only possible, she is on her way. On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing ~ Arundhati Roy

Thank you for such a wonderful cacao ceremony (women’s circle, cacao ceremony, sound healing). I felt so energised for days afterwards and I still feel different. It’s like a switch has flipped. The image of my wild goddess dancing from your guided meditation is still so strong in my head. I’m going to hold on to her…I was definitely in need of the nurturing and release and I just loved your energy and how accessible you made it all.  I will most definitely be back (I wish I could come on your retreat but I’m not ready to leave my little one yet). Thank you again for such a powerful and nourishing ceremony. I can’t wait for the next one.
Emma, mum, yoga & dance teacher

Being involved in Natalie’s cacao ceremonies have been some of the most enjoyable moments in my self discovery journey. The warm and welcoming environment that Natalie provides is such a safe place for me to “be”. And it’s always the right place at the right time. The learnings I take away are always relevant and support my inner growth so profoundly. As a regular attendee I think there is also an accumulative effect, I get more and more out of these ceremonies every time.
Cacao is such a loving nurturing experience for me and it truly does open my heart, which makes Natalie’s ability to hold a safe space even more important – it’s a real gift. It’s a huge part of my self care programme and I go whenever I can.
Shannon, entreperneur

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